The Shortage of Aluminum Cans, Food Staples, and Coins is Only Going to Get Worse – Act Now!

Aluminum cans, coins, soda, beer, rice, pasta, flour, and canned soup are all in short supply in some cases.

Oh what a changing world we live in, and some of the change isn’t good. Higher prices and less product availability is one change we all could do without.  While Supermarket News reports that large scale empty shelves are not likely to happen to the extent that they did previously, some things are still hard to find, and some items are a little on the pricey side if they can be found at all.

Some flavors of soda are hard if not impossible to find, and both Pepsi and Coca-Cola reported temporarily eliminating some soda flavors in order to ensure availability of the more popular flavors.  Some brands of beer are no longer on the shelf, for instance, beer maker Molson Coors suspended production on some of their products.

Why the beverage shortage?  It has nothing to do with a shortage of aluminum as some have wondered about, although if you have aluminum cans at home to sell – keep them, no one is buying them. Why?  The Coronavirus – insert eye roll here. There is actually a shortage of aluminum cans believe it or not.  Consumers increased purchases of beverages (canned in aluminum) by 30 percent in March and April according to Fox News.  Companies are buying imported aluminum for their needs as well – because American companies are not producing nearly enough aluminum can sheeting; there is not enough profit in it.  Sounds about right.

Meat prices are rising and will likely continue to do so.  Why?  It has nothing to do with a supply shortfall as I wrote about previously:

Have you heard the dire warnings of food shortages?  This is all a bunch of B.S., there is no shortage.  What there IS – is this: farmers are dumping milk, plowing under crops, and killing farm animals.  WHY you ask?  Because they cannot sell their products/animals to anyone, so all that food etc. is going to waste.  Nice huh?

Another problem with meat supply is not having enough employees to operate plants at full capacity, whether it is sickness, or employees refusing to work due to fear of “catching” the Coronavirus.

Some food staples are becoming increasingly hard to purchase as well, as Michael Snyder points out:

Grocers are having trouble staying stocked with goods from flour to soups as climbing coronavirus case numbers and continued lockdowns pressure production and bolster customer demand.

Manufacturers including General Mills Inc., Campbell Soup Co. and Conagra Brands Inc. say they are pumping out food as fast as they can, but can’t replenish inventories. Popular items such as flour, canned soup, pasta and rice remain in short supply.

The U.S. coin supply is at record lows (even banks are being rationed on how many coin rolls they are allowed), and the largest grocer in the U.S., Kroger – is reporting they will no longer give back change in coin form.  Instead, change will be applied to customer’s loyalty cards.  Wal-Mart is asking customers to pay with correct change or cards.

It is only this writer’s opinion, but regardless of what is being reported, or not – stocking up on the essentials now if you have not already done so is a very good idea. You can check out Daisy Luther’s excellent list of what you should have on hand for tough times (including a lack of income) as well as tips on how to accomplish all of this.  As more Democratic controlled states and communities are reinstating lockdowns, supplies of all kinds are again going to disappear just like they did when this whole COVID-19 mess started.

I said it before and I will say it again, the Coronavirus was Created to Destroy the U.S. Economy & Create a New Nation State.  Democrats and their allies are so desperate to stop Trump, they will do anything to accomplish this including sabotage the economy.

America needs to realize that the Coronavirus, lockdowns, etc. – it’s all about controlling the sheeple.  It’s about getting people used to giving up their freedoms – and then step in and “give” the people what they want. 

It’s called socialism.

Greg Holt

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