RINOs on Parade

Another group of Me-Too anti-Trump RINOs have joined ranks with the Lincoln Project to assure Democrats take over the Presidency in 2020.    

Republican Voters Against Trump launched a $10 million ad campaign targeting GOP-leaning voters in top swing states hoping to convince them to support Joe Biden.  The new initiative is the brainchild of Ms. Sarah Longwell; Bill Kristol, and Tim Miller, a former top advisor to Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign. Together, Longwell and Kristol also launched Republicans for the Rule of Law, which has begun its own ad blitz against Mr. Trump.      

Both projects were started by Defending Democracy Together, a coalition of RINOs that includes not only Sarah Longwell director for Republicans for the Rule of Law, but Bill Kristol, founder and editor-at-large of the now-defunct political magazine The Weekly Standard.

Charlie” Sykes, president of DDT and a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute is a self-described “prominent and outspoken critic of Donald Trump.”   He is also a national advisory board member for the left-wing funding group Democracy Fund and board member for Stand Up Republic, a left-leaning organization funded by Democracy Fund Voice.

While Kristol attempts to pass himself off as conservative, in a recent interview he said that not only did he hope Biden wins the election but that any Republican that supported Trump loses.  Kristol claims to believe that Biden would make a better president because he is “talking about the importance of the Constitution” and is pushing a broader theme about “uniting the country.”   Welcome to the dark side Mr. Kristol!

Kristol originally accused Trump of not being conservative or pro-Israel and to this day still refuses to admit that Trump has proven himself to be the most pro-Israel President we have ever seen, implementing and espousing conservatism against greater odds than were faced by Ronald Reagan, according to Rabbi Ayreh Spero in an article for Front Page Magazine. 

Rabbi Spero writes that “when it became apparent that elitist Kristol and his circle would not have influence nor be advisors to Trump” they turned against him “like a woman scorned.”  Trump, he said was “right to eschew their advice” because the garbage (my words) that Kristol and company has pushed over the years “was disastrous, drained the Treasury, and put too many American military lives in jeopardy and too many American jobs in the ash heap.”

Spero further writes that he hoped that Kristol and other turncoats like him who have demonstrated a nastiness, pettiness, sarcasm, bitterness and disregard for former colleagues and the American people,  never come back to the Republican Party.  “Bill Kristol and his pompous entourage are simply swamp creatures, part of the NYC-D.C. axis that imbibes a sense of forever entitlement as prime-time players and movers and shakers. But, no one ever elected them.”

Defending Democracy Together (DDT) has been criticized for taking $1.6 million in 2018 in grants from Democracy Fund Voice, a 501(c)(4) group created and funded by left-wing eBay founder and mega donor to left wing causes, Pierre Omidyar.  DDT also receives funding from the Hopewell Fund, part of a $600 million network of left-wing funding nonprofits managed by Arabella Advisors in Washington, D.C.

Organizations that feed money to left-wing causes through the Hopewell Fund include, but are not limited to,  the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation which also heavily funds Planned Parenthood and groups that push for population control;  the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a big supporter of the ACLU and the Tides Foundation, another pass-through dark money group; and Democracy Fund,  a project of Omidyar who advocates for most left-wing causes including abortion on demand, net neutrality, and big government.

Not only is Trump fighting against Democrats openly advocating for mail-in voter fraud but also having to fend off RINOs working behind the scenes to destroy his presidency even if it means the end of America.

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