Environmentalism with a Pseudo-Biblical Veneer.

If at first you can’t convince them – deceive them!  And considering what has taken place the last six months with the Chinese Virus, they have every reason to believe the next scam will be just as easy.

This new scam is spearheaded by New America, a left-of-center think tank founded by Ted Halstead, who now runs the Climate Leadership Council, and staffed with journalists and former members of the Obama administration.      

Several years ago New America released a report entitled “Spreading the Gospel of Climate Change” to teach activists how to use climate change to form a “solid beachhead” within Evangelicalism in order to drive a wedge between them and the Republican Party.

This “wedge” is called “Creation Care,” a scam to convince Christians that global warming is a gospel issue. Creation Care invites Christians into a joyful vision of the world as God’s creation in which they can rediscover who they truly are as creatures called to love and serve the Creator and to delight in all that God has made.

Mitchell Hescox asks in his article, The Importance of Creation Care, “what if Creation Care wasn’t simply one more item to add to the basket, but the basket itself? What if everything and everyone you care about—your family, your friends, your work, your hobbies—depended on a healthy environment to thrive? What if Creation Care was more than simply pro-trees, pro-polar bears, or pro-recycling? What if creation care was pro-family, pro-children, pro-flourishing? What if creation care was pro-life,  a means to care for all life?” 

The left doesn’t give a tinkers damn about unborn babies or God or the planet. They only care about power and lining their pockets with another global warming scam. They truly believe that Christians are shallow enough to swallow this sudden embrace of God without gagging. Of course they’re right as those Churches that tilt left, those Churches that threw God out with the embrace of abortion and same-sex marriage, have joined the bandwagon.

In reality, the bottom line of Creation Care isn’t to persuade Christians of the merits of saving God’s creation, but to rebrand global warming theory as biblical. Little wonder the group most associated with this strategy is the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), which boasts of successfully infiltrating Billy Graham’s magazine Christianity Today and the National Association of Evangelicals, both of which now publish extensively on the need for “action on creation care” and more “advocacy” to combat this “sin.”

Far from a religious outfit, EEN is a partisan policy shop that lobbies for expensive renewable energy at the cost of cheap oil and natural gas. The group defended Obama’s 2015 Clean Power Plan and attacked Republicans who supported its repeal as industry shills who “chose to protect industry interests over God’s creation and the health of our children.”  If that sounds like something the far-left Sierra Club would write, that’s because it is. Creation Care is nothing more than environmentalism with a pseudo-biblical veneer.

The bottom line: environmentalism is, and always will be, a product of the Left.  That’s because modern environmentalism has its roots in the population control movement of the last century when so-called progressives demanded the government forcibly sterilize those they deemed too inferior to have children. These progressives couldn’t be more opposed to God’s commandment to “be fruitful, and multiply,” in fact, they were terrified of over-populating the Earth.

Social engineering socialists like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger were allied with eugenicists and population control advocates in their crusade against what she called “the tragedy of overpopulation” brought about “by superabundant breeding” and, in the case of China, “the incessant fertility of her millions of people spread like a plague.”

In the 1950s and 1960s, groups like the Population Council and Pathfinder International, two of the largest funders of abortions overseas, the latter with taxpayer funding, sprung up to claim that the world would soon run out of food, metals, and oil. Billions would die if the world didn’t act immediately.

To a man, they were wrong.  They were wrong about population control and they’re wrong about Global Warming, which they adopted wholesale after running out of arguments for the former. Yet their tactics are still the same: scaremongering.

Creation Care brings a gospel that is far from good news, and Evangelicals who stand for the sanctity of life should be wise to the snakes in their midst.

Source:  “Creation Care” Means Controlling People, Not the Environment  by Hayden Ludwig, Capital Research Center; The Importance of Creation Care by Mitchell Hescox, the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown

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