Virginia Needs A Change

With an estimated net worth of around $300 million, Mark Warner has represented Virginia in the U.S. Senate since his election in 2008. As far as Democrats go today, Warner would definitely be considered a moderate, if that terminology still existed within the Democrat Party.   However during his two terms in office, he has shown that he is more than willing to toe the Democrat Party line, no matter what the agenda is.

In a speech on May 25, 1994, at the National Jewish Democratic Council meeting, Warner told participants that the Republican Party had been taken over by the “Christian Coalition, Second Amendment supporters, the pro-life movement, home schoolers,” and “a coalition of people that have all sorts of different views that I think that most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American,” and they  have all come together under a common cause to “radically change the way we lead our lives.”  This statement alone convinced me that I could not support him when he ran for governor of Virginia or for the Senate.

Warner is a big supporter of Roe v. Wade and promises to fight against any attempts to chip away at a woman’s right to murder her baby.  He cosponsored several bills in the Senate to protect abortion without restrictions, and has voted against any bill that would stop taxpayer money from going to Planned Parenthood. 

In 2019 he and Senator Tim Kaine blocked a federal ban on the murder of born-alive abortion survivors.  Turns out that Warner, Kaine and other Democrats who blocked the measure, are known to have received funding from Planned Parenthood, according to CRP’s tracking of federal candidates. 

After promising Virginians that he “would not vote for a healthcare plan” that “didn’t allow you to keep the health insurance coverage you liked,”  in 2010 he helped the Senate reach the required sixty votes to prevent ObamaCare from going to filibuster and eventually voted for the bill that pretty much destroyed our health insurance. And he still opposes any change to ObamaCare.

A supporter of amnesty, Warner, in 2016, voted against a bill that would have increased prison time for illegals who reenter the US after being denied admission or who were deported.  In 2015 he voted against a bill that would stop sanctuary jurisdictions from receiving funds from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.  He has voted twice to prevent funding for a wall on our Southern Border and against Senator Sessions’ E-Verify amendment that would force companies to check for citizenship before hiring.

In so far as the climate change scam, Warner claims global warming is one of the largest threats to our society.  He fully supports legislation like the Clean Economy Act which sets a 2050 goal for net-zero carbon emissions and believes we need a carbon tax even though it would wreak havoc on the economy at large and do little to stop carbon emissions.   He also voted against a bill to protect middle income taxpayers from a national energy tax and supported cap and trade that would destroy the middle class.

Warner supports the closure of coal fired power plants and backed Obama’s goal of using the EPA to regulating fossil fuels out of existence.  While opposing any effort for America to drill for oil off-shore, claiming it would damage our eco system, threaten important Naval operations, stymy the work of NASA at Wallops Island, and cause outdoor recreation and aquaculture to suffer, Warner  fully supported placing those monstrous wind turbines off the coast that will do the same thing and more. And, in 2019 he and Senator Tim Kaine joined other Democrats to introduce the International Climate Accountability Act that would have forced Trump to meet the standards established by the Paris Climate Agreement.

When first elected to the Senate he promised to support the 2nd Amendment but later revealed his support for what he referred to as “some reasonable gun control measures” on those dreaded “assault weapons,” that are already illegal to own.   In 2013 Warner voted to expand background checks. In 2017 he reiterated his support for the 2nd Amendment while advocating for “responsible” gun ownership for hunting, recreation and self-defense. 

However, in  2018, the real Warner reared its ugly head once again in a Washington Post opinion column where he rededicate himself to gun control and went so far as to list certain types of weapons and accessories he wanted banned, which he said was a good “starting point.”  He has also described the NRA as “extreme” and noted that “the 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute.”  In 2019 Warner was one of 40 Senators to introduce the Background Check Expansion Act that would require checks for the sale or transfer of all firearms including those between family members.

With 12 years under his belt, Warner voted with Obama 97% of the time; supported the extension of the Patriot act, opposed school choice while sending his own children to private schools; voted against any restriction on UN funding for population control; claimed there was an “enormous amount of evidence” into collusion between Trump and the Russians during the 2016 election;  and supported the Equal Rights Amendment, along with far too many left-wing positions to mention.

Funding for his Senate campaign comes from employees, owners, and PACs, etc. from large corporations such as Dominion Energy, Altria Group, JP Morgan chase, Covington & Burling; Prudential  Financial, McGuire Woods, Goldman Sachs, Columbia Capital, Genworth, Blue Cross, Blue shield, Morgan Stanley, Northrop, Verizon, Aetna, etc., as well as Lobbyists.

He has received endorsements from major public service unions, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women PAC, the Virginia Educational Association and SEIU.  

Warner is not a moderate; he’s a progressive Democrat that follows party line.  Haven’t we had enough?  We need a Senator who will represent us, not the elite. 

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