Hindsight, and the obvious truth

History is clearer than the present. Now that we’ve examined the record, we found targeted fraud in the 2020 elections. The Democrats clearly planned on stealing the election from the voters. The facts we learned about this election put our recent history into hard-edged focus. Those facts tell us about our possible future as well.

The election took place during the Covid-19 lockdown. Blue state governors crushed local businesses and caused widespread unemployment. They told us it was safe to go to the store, safe to go out and protest, but unsafe to work. It was unsafe to go vote at the polls, so we’d have to vote by mail.

In hindsight, was that for our safety or for theirs?

Now that we’ve looked at the facts, we saw that media organizations put out wildly skewed polling data. Post Office workers were ordered to dump Republican campaign mail in the trash. Google sent voting reminders to liberals but not to conservatives. We saw mail in ballots from the military deliberately discarded. We saw the vote rigged when mentally handicapped people who are not allowed to be voters suddenly voted democrat. We saw forged votes, including votes from dead people. 

We saw blue cities report votes that didn’t make sense. In an election year where democrats lost seats in the house, we saw thousands and thousands of votes suddenly appear where Joe Biden was the only candidate marked on the ballot. Real voters seldom act that way, and we’ve never seen an entire district vote that way all at once. The voting results didn’t make sense considering the elections we’ve seen in the past, or what we’ve seen from voters this year.

Then we found out about the company called Dominion Voting Systems which made the voting machines and the vote tallying software used in several swing states. We found out that heavily democrat districts were counted several times during the tally. We saw rigged voting machines that switched Trump votes to Biden votes. How could that happen?

Then we found out that new software was installed in the voting machines immediately before the election.

All of this makes sense after we learn that the company has strong ties to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We saw the vote tally put on hold in districts that voted for Trump. We didn’t see these problems once or twice, but over and over in swing states. We are talking about millions of votes being in doubt. Is that a surprising glitch, or the evidence of a long term plan to sway the election? Now, hold those facts in mind.

We saw multi-billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Xi Jinping spend sizeable fortunes on this election. Donations of that magnitude, hundreds of millions of dollars each, aren’t campaign contributions: they are corporate acquisitions, and entered into with the same corporate diligence. These “campaign donors” placed their billion dollar bets because they were assured these political investments were secure.

These men knew that Biden couldn’t draw a crowd large enough to make up a volleyball team. Biden’s pick for Vice President didn’t get more than a few percent of the vote during the primary races. For some unpublished reason, these shrewd billionaires invested in the Democrat candidates anyway.

I think they had been convinced that the outcome of the election was already determined before the first vote was cast. It is clear that the democrat’s path to victory was through the secretary of state who certifies the election in each battleground state rather than trying to win at the ballot box.

These billionaires, and many of the media elites, were not worried about Biden and Harris’s lack of voter enthusiasm. Democrats knew they could leave Biden in his basement. All the democrats needed from the voters was for the election to be within the margin of fraud. Few of us realized how extensive the fraud would be.

The Democrat establishment needed enough votes to declare a plausible victory. The Democrat media would do the heavy propaganda from that point on.

Now, the hype about the covid epidemic seems clear. Now, the lack of concern for Biden’s failed campaign rallies is easy to explain. The fix was in and the fraudulent victory was widely anticipated. The democrat establishment knew the vote was rigged. This time, the vote was rigged against the American people as surely as the outcome was rigged against Senator Sanders in 2016, and probably by the same people. This corruption is the face of socialism we’ve seen around the world, and now in the US.

I’m furious, and you, republican or democrat, should be too.

Rob Morse

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