The Vatican Embraces Feudalism

Catholic leaders are making economic and political deals around the world to blot out free-market capitalism and its primary defender—the United States of America.

On December 8th, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism With the Vatican, led by a core group of 27 “Guardians,” was launched in partnership with a coalition of Fortune 500 companies affiliated with the Catholic Church. 

These so-called “Guardians”  include the CEOs of MasterCard, VISA, and Bank of America, along with the presidents of the left-wing Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, notorious for championing abortion and population control among other anti-Catholic stances, representatives of the  United Nations, the Estee Lauder Company, Johnson and Johnson, Guardian Life Insurance  and MetLife, pro-abortion Democrat  California State Treasurer Fiona Ma,  and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a member of the U.S. Democrat Party and  former fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, to name but a few.  

The Council, as a whole, along with their 200 million employees operating in 163 countries with $2.1 trillion in market capitalization represents a market value more than that of the U.K.  But we shouldn’t be concerned that these fortune 500 corporations and the elitist that rule them are attempting to destroy capitalism because they will be operating under the “moral” guidance of Pope Francis and Cardinal Peter Turkson in building a more “fair, more inclusive and sustainable economic foundation for the world”

Cardinal Turkson, thought to be one of three leading candidates for the papacy, called for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” in 2011 to rule over financial institutions while condemning the “idolatry of the market.”   Pope Francis has long called for the overthrow of capitalism warning that the capitalist global economy has caused a dark cloud of injustices to cover the world.  It amazes me that the Vatican has found the “moral” authority to embrace atheist theory as a means of helping society.  

The “Guardians” will meet annually with Francis and Turkson to receive moral “guidance” on how to “reform” capitalism into what the pope says should be fair principles of morality capable of addressing profound challenges facing our planet today.  Fair to whom?

What the Pope means by “principles of morality,” according to George Neumayr, “are the left-wing goals of the United Nations, which aim not at Christianizing the world but liberalizing it under the increasingly corrupt whims of the global elite. He is not the people’s pope… but the darling of an exclusive club of internationalists who seek to hijack the Church for their own ideological purposes.”

What Francis is actually pushing through the Council is basically Industrial Age Feudalism, an economic philosophy often called state capitalism, aka Corporatism – where the 1% rule and the other 99% obey.  Unlike true Socialism, Corporatism allows private enterprise but controls it through connected control of corporations that will regulate “just wages, prices and quotas.”

To truly understand the Council for Inclusive Capitalism you need to look at present day China which, through economic reform, has embraced a form of Communist controlled Capitalism.  

Like their version of the free market, China only allows a Communist version of Christianity. Through a renewed “deal” with the Vatican, Priests are allowed to “exist” but only allowed to preach “patriotism,” which is a euphemism for loyalty to the Party, not God.  The government has gone so far as to rewrite the Christian Bible to espouse Communist beliefs.

The creation of a “council for inclusive capitalism” overseen by “guardians” who fly in to Rome on their corporate jets smacks of elitist hubris. It is the pope’s willingness to build these Towers of Babel that make him the perfect pope for a post-Christian age. He gives the elite the ostensible blessings of religion without imposing upon them any of its complicating obligations.  

Source:  Pope Francis’s New World Order by Andrew Miillner, the Trumpet; The Vatican’s ‘Council for Inclusive Capitalism’ by  George Neumayr,  The American Spectator; China To Christians: We’re Rewriting The Bible, And You’ll Use It Or Else, By Arielle Del Turco, the Federalist

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