White Privilege

Every day it becomes more obvious that the left does not want a society where you are judged by your abilities and what you stand for. They want a society where you are judged by race, gender and sexual orientation.

They want us to feel guilty for being born white because, as everyone knows, white confers unjust advantage.  White female is bad enough but being a straight white male is a cardinal sin and being a straight white male who happens to be wealthy means you are the lowest form of life on this earth.

Society therefore must award preferential treatment to non-white minorities, women, homosexuals and transgenders while it punishes the wealthy.   Only then will we have a truly fair world.  Bull hockey!

America is full of white people who work hard, who struggle, who face setbacks, who miss opportunities, who get overlooked, who get pushed aside, who are mired in debt, who must toil away at mundane jobs, who are effectively stuck in their circumstances, the same as every other race.  

And yet we must endlessly endure lectures from politicians, the media, wealthy academics, celebrities and profession athletes who, by the way, are mostly white and paid more than the majority of Americans.   And they fully expect the average white person not only to apologize for being white but to embrace socialism and communism to create a fair and equal utopia.   They want to level the playing field by bestowing advantages on those not white, not male, not straight, and not cisgendered.

In other words, the  less white you are—the less of all those privileged things you are—the more deserving you are of reparatory privileges – the  more the government should use its power to take from others and give to you. They want to solve discrimination—by discriminating.

But the same bigoted conspiracy theories that stigmatize white success as a racial conspiracy, can just as easily tar the success stories of Asian-Americans and Jews, both groups whose successes have often been viewed as the products of racial conspiracies, rather than of their dedication and hard work.

Racial differences make it all too easy to see people of different races as being members of a racial conspiracy. That is what white privilege contends. White privilege borrows the white nationalist slur of a Jewish, conscious or unconscious, racial conspiracy to explain not just Jewish success, but white success.  The underlying bigoted idea is just as racist whether it’s applied to all white people or only to Jews.

According to a recent Pew race relations survey belief in white privilege is not the outcome of oppression but of misunderstanding, otherness and stereotype.   The people most likely to believe that white people have an unfair advantage are not the oppressed, but the groups with the greatest sense of racial difference.   In other words, you are more likely to believe in the power of white privilege if you view white people as being very different, either from your own race, or, if you are a white progressive, from other races.   

The best disinfectant for the white privilege stereotype, as for so many other bad ideas, is sunlight. Unfortunately academia and the media, instead of countering prejudices, reinforce racial stereotypes and bigoted ideas such as white privilege. And that divides the country further into warring camps.

This thinking is insidiously wrong. The more we indulge it, the more individual lives will be destroyed, and the more we will tear our country apart.   Like any other stereotype, white privilege should be denounced.  And the racist assumptions underlying it should be exposed in order to educate those who have come to harbor this ugly idea in their hearts.

Source:  There Is No White Privilege, Only Racial Differences by  Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, PoliticalChicks; Is ‘White Male Privilege’ a Thing?   By Joel Hilliker

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