Pelosi’s Insurrection Insanity

In January, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., tasked retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré with leading a review of the U.S. Capitol’s security infrastructure, interagency processes and command and control to prevent another “attack” in the nation’s capital.

“Following the devastating attack on the Capitol that threatened the lives of and traumatized Members of Congress, staff and support workers, I asked Lieutenant General Russel Honoré to lead an immediate review of the security of the Capitol Complex. I salute the urgent, diligent and strategic work that he and his team continue to do in this mission, which is critical to protecting the Capitol and, indeed, our very Democracy.”  Someone please remind her and the rest of the left-wing nuts that America is a Republic!!!!

What Pelosi failed to mention about Honoré is that the general is also a partisan, died-in-the-wool left-wing Democrat who hates Trump, Conservatives, gun owners, the police and Republicans in general.

Just days after the January 6 protest in D.C., the general suggested that the “siege” was an inside job and that the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms might be implicated and accused the Capital Police of being 30 to 40 percent “Trumpers.”   He called Republican Senator Josh Hawley a “little piece of s**t with his Yale law degree” who should be “run out of D.C. and Disbarred ASAP.”  He also tagged Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz, as “ass hats” adding “these Yale and Harvard law grads is high order white privilege.

He once called Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert “stupid” demanding that she be put on the no-fly list, mocked Americans exercising their rights as “stuck on stupid” for legally carrying firearms, and attempted to get his Twitter followers to “stop buying” the “s**t stocks of companies that advertise on Sean Hannity’s show claiming that he “speaks #Russian Info Operations to suck up to #45.” 

In 2020, during an MSNBC interview, the general called for then acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf “to be run out of Washington” due to what he called “bulls**t tactics used by federal agents to contain Antifa and BLM mobs in Portland, Oregon, during the riots in that city. He has also accused the social media site Parler of being “100% insane.”

And just in case you’re gullible enough to believe this man would be capable of preparing a fair and balanced assessment of the January 6th protest, he hinted that any action he takes in D.C. would be heavily biased against Conservatives.

On March 8, retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré presented his wish list of recommendations to Pelosi that included an around the clock military presence – a reaction force that would be staffed day and night to the tune of somewhere between $40 to $130 million a year.  This alone would turn the Capitol into a militarized zone akin to something you’d see in a Third World dictatorship.

And his wish list doesn’t end with just locking down the Capital.  He wants a stronger intelligence gathering, the stockpiling of portable fencing, more bomb sniffing dogs and a return to horse patrols to “prevent another insurrection.”

There has never been any proof that the protest at the Capital was an insurrection.  Not one person has been charged with possessing or using a gun inside the Capitol. Further, no one even has been identified as carrying a gun inside the building.  The so-called insurrection was in fact a fallacy created by the lapdog media to promoted a number of lies pushed by the far-left.  Even the concocted account of the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick fell apart when the New York Times, after pressure from outlets including American Greatness, was forced to retracted its January 8 article claiming Sicknick was killed by a fire extinguisher at the hands of Trump “loyalists.”

At least 100,000 attended Trump’s speech that day; fewer than 1,000 “stormed” the Capitol. A few hundred have been arrested and only 14 face weapons charges. Those “deadly and dangerous” weapons include two baseball bats, a can of pepper spray, a walking stick/stun gun, an axe, a helmet, a riot shield, and a collapsible baton. And at no time did this random weaponry pose a lethal threat to lawmakers inside the Capitol.

However with the left so intent on destroying any vestige of President Trump and his followers, one must ask how long before the left’s hatred of anything patriotic leads to martial law.

“The John Brennans, Adam Schiffs and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our  country into a police state with KBG-style surveillance are also domestic enemies and much more powerful and therefore dangerous than the mob that stormed the Capital.” former Democratic presidential candidate, Tuli Gabbard

Retired Army general tapped by Nancy Pelosi to review Capitol siege flagged over attacks on Republicans, The Blaze;  Gabbard doubles down on slam of Schiff, Brennan as greater dangers to America than Capitol rioters, Fox News; Lt. Gen.  Honoré’s Capitol attack report recommends more police, better coordination with National Guard  by Bart Jansen, USA Today

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