Why Is Freedom Always the Problem?

Many Americans agree that something hasn’t smelled right about this pandemic.   

Besides not having sufficient data to justify the extremity of government reaction, there is something in the air that smacks of calculated panic and political engineering.  It is not the stuff of conspiracy theories to suspect, or even expect, that the left will take full advantage of this upending of American calm, American lives, and the American economy.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, there was a legitimate concern. We did not know exactly what this virus brought – the extent of symptoms, death rate, long-term issues, or survival probability. Time has shown that COVID-19 is dangerous to the elderly and to those with underlying health problems but to the majority of individuals the survival rate is close to 100%. So why, even with the vaccine, which really isn’t a vaccine in the true sense of the word, are we still facing social distancing, mask mandates, and travel restrictions?

None of the government-mandated Covid-19 mitigation policies work. No retrospective review conducted with any semblance of the scientific method has found a relationship between lockdowns, mask mandates, or social distancing and the spread of Covid-19. In fact, the most recent study suggests lockdowns may have increased Covid-19 infections, in addition to all the non-Covid excess deaths they caused.

Control is an important part of Democratic policies. When control is exercised via social programs, hysteric health guidelines, big government regulations, and freedom/liberty infringing laws, Democrats begin to harbor the power they desire. And in the same vein, Republicans that do not diametrically oppose the left’s draconian rules are just as guilty.

For far too long, Republicans have been spineless. They have not stood up against the Democrats seeking control. The GOP’s inability or unwillingness to fight for their supporters has slowly allowed some of our constitutional rights to be chipped away, losing even more of our individual freedoms and liberties.

The sad fact is that the art of politics in America is no longer about right or wrong, or justice, or even the common good. It’s all about winning, about maintaining power, and playing the game of lies that bestows a twisted species of victory and power. If there is an angle to win in pandemic politics, the Left and many Rinos will lunge for it with everything they have.

Socialist and Communist power did not occur overnight. Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and others knew that getting control of people would not be an overnight success. They would have to chip away and mentally break their citizens before gaining physical control. The Democrat Party is following the dictator’s revolutionary ways, and COVID-19 exposed them.

We should be aware of what the end game is for Democrats. Once you realize what they are trying to achieve – control via socialism – you will understand leftist policies.

Over and over, authoritarians overhype crises to scare the living daylights out of the public and propose solutions that have two things in common: they demand more of our freedom and they don’t work. It’s always all pain and no gain. One wonders how many repetitions of this crisis drill it will take before the citizens of the so-called “land of the free” finally think to ask: Why is freedom always the problem?

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