The original idea of being “woke” was best exemplified by the words of Dr. King, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”   

Being woke in the civil rights era was about an oppressed people awaking to their birthright of freedom and liberty as Americans.  It was about engaging in a joint venture of reconciliation with all Americans to secure liberty and justice for all.

Today those who speak of themselves as woke are not engaging in a cultural renaissance or a movement of reconciliation, liberty, and justice. Their language is that of Marxist Sociology and Conflict Theory.

Wokeism is the culmination of a campaign that began at Frankfurt University’s Goethe Institute in 1923 to destroy the values and freedom America was built on, specifically targeting faith, family and culture because, in the eyes of critical theorists who invented what became wokeism, faith, family and culture were the Bourgeoisie’s tools of oppression.

The movement demands equity not equality. It seeks to destroy all norms, to redefine words, and destroy objective science in order to create a Marxist Utopia. Instead of reducing racism, this new anti-racism is just racism by a different name.

Wokeism is a full-on attack on Western Society. It rewrites history in order to confuse and inspire the destruction of the West. This virus is infecting every part of society – from education to government. It is everywhere and is now threatening to end freedom of speech and thought. It has become impossible to speak out without fear of career-death and possible physical harm. The woke mob demands obedience – obey or else.

Racism is now no longer exclusive to the color of one’s skin. Well, unless you’re woke.  If you’re America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, you can call white people and Jews “closer to animals” and somehow you’re not a racist. You can throw a “mute white people” button on your platform and you’re somehow totally cool.

Bill De Blasio can tell Jewish people and other religious groups that they can’t assemble, but a BLM mural is serious business. And, of course, you can be a sitting senator and brand all Trump supporters “white supremacists” with no pushback, even if those white supremacists happen to be Latinos, or Asians, or Black. 

We have reached a point where no one really knows who the racists are anymore. Certain groups are excluded because they’re ‘the oppressed groups’, as if that has anything to do with evil behavior.  Racism is evil and evil is not relegated to a specific group or social class. Evil is simply evil. If we redefine something evil as the opposite at any point, we open the door for tragedy. Many groups of people have been the victim of this behavior at one point in history or another. And, if the woke mob gets their way, history will repeat itself.

Today everything has become racist to the point that the term is worthless.

The CDC supposedly has over a thousand employees asking the organization to “declare racism a public health crisis.” So in the midst of a faux health crisis, your priority is now to declare an irrational emotional response to melanin content in one’s skin a health crisis?! That’s not even the CDC’s job! But then again its not their job to push fake science to destroy the US economy either.

This new woke ideology has reanimated true racism.  It calls white Americans “entitled” as they are told they must assume the mantle of generational guilt. This creates ethnic conflict, as opposed to alleviating it, because it pushes people towards an ultimatum: be ashamed of who you are and who you come from or be labeled a racist.

When basic dignity is attacked and negative and differential treatment based on ethnic origin becomes a norm,  there will be an equally ugly push-back. The reality of human psychology is that if you call someone a racist long enough, if you marginalize them sufficiently enough, if you relegate them to the fringes far enough, you will mold them into exactly what you thought they were. And perhaps that was always the plan. Divide and conquer!

The word “woke” implies that to support the liberal viewpoint is to be socially aware. Woke people are heavily informed and actively involved with liberal social issues. If you’re leading a Black Lives Matter protest, you’re probably woke. If you’re calling your congressperson to advocate for Planned Parenthood, you’re probably woke. If you’re handing out pro-life leaflets, however, you probably will not receive the woke label.

This biased nomenclature is rooted in a belief held by some on the left that people are only conservative because they are uneducated. If only people were smarter, more informed, more woke, then surely they would see the Democratic light and switch sides.

Woke is a word that modern liberals proudly use to justify their illiberalism – only they are awake enough to see how the world should be, while the rest of us imbeciles are too sleepily stupid to understand. Piers Morgan

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