Complex Lies and Simple Truths

Life is complex. Sure, in the time of Covid you can tell everyone to stay home and starve, but they won’t do it. They won’t do it even though you’re emperor Cuomo of New York. Even with all your wealth and political influence, you can’t make people lay down and obey. They act for themselves, and soon they think for themselves.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 22: Visitors to Times Square wear masks during the fourth phase of the coronavirus reopening in Manhattan on September 22, 2020 in New York, New York. The fourth phase allows outdoor arts and entertainment, sporting events without fans and media production. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Ordinary people are frightened by what they see around them. Of course you can order gun stores to close by saying they are non-essential businesses, but criminals already have their guns. The thugs can always get more guns off the street. Crime goes on, and goes up.

You let convicted criminals out of jail due to Covid. Crime increases. Of course, Governor Cuomo and the media act surprised. You let criminals back on the street due to bail reform, and crime goes up some more. The murder rate increases, and you blame the police. Murders go unsolved, and crime goes up.

You stop the application process for citizens getting their concealed carry permits. You say it is for public health. You say you can’t allow person-to-person contact due to Covid. And again, the rate of street crime jumps. Carjackings nearly double.

The simple truth is that our politicians have a lot of power. It is clear that the media can sell us a lot of spin disguised as news. It is equally clear that the lies only sound plausible for so long.

Eventually the unsolved problems grow and the truth emerges for all to see. We ask ourselves the questions the media ignored. We learn that even the most powerful politicians can’t keep us safe. Again, the simple truth breaks through the woven veil of lies. Now, both the politicians and their media supporters look dishonest with their long strings of broken promises.

For us, that is a mixed blessing. The politicians and the media can make excuses, but we can’t. We can’t pretend that politicians will fix the problems of public violence now that we know how dishonest they are. Now, our safety is up to us.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Half of the adults in the US have a firearm. About one-in-ten adults have their carry permits or live in a state where they don’t need a permit to carry a concealed firearm in public. These people are just like us.

One-in-ten adults

There are tens-of-millions of honest gun owners who picked up the responsibility to protect themselves and their family. These ordinary people carry that responsibility with them every day. You walk past them in the store and as you walk down the street.

Crime is increasing. Are you depending on someone else to keep you safe until the police arrive? Concealed carry is simple, but it isn’t easy. Tens of millions of us decided we didn’t have time to wait

Rob Morse

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