Joe Biden’s Actions Tell Me the 2020 Election was Stolen

You might have been uncertain at first. You thought you saw the election stolen in the early hours on Wednesday morning. Given what you’ve seen since, now you’re pretty sure the election was decided through fraud. Even Joe Biden thinks the election was stolen based on the way he is acting today. This is what we saw. 

We saw president Trump get 11 million more votes than any sitting president. Trump received at least one-and-a-half million more votes than President Obama received before his first term. Trump won more counties than Obama. While black support for Biden fell below 90 percent, Trump increased the number of votes he received from black voters by 50 percent compared to Trump’s election of 2016. In addition, Trump won a record 35 percent of the Hispanic vote. Trump had a record number of small campaign contributors. While each of those factors doesn’t determine an election, those factors in combination have indicated the result of every previous election. Every. Single. One. Until now. That is why we should question the results of this “election”.

We saw Trump lose the “election” when voting was officially stopped. We saw major urban cities controlled by Democrat politicians stop the tally before all the votes were counted and reported. The vote wasn’t stopped in red states or in blue states, but only in a few large cities controlled by Democrat politicians in battleground states. That is unusual. Poll watchers were forced from the tally rooms, yet some counting officials remained behind. Suddenly, there were hundreds of thousands of new mail-in ballots that appeared at 3AM. We were told that these votes were cast by black voters in these particular cities. 

That is bizarre in a number of ways. We didn’t see black voters who cast their votes in person elect Biden. We didn’t see black voters from other cities in the same state elect Biden with either walk in votes or with mail in votes. We didn’t see black voters from similar states suddenly become Biden voters this year. Also, these black voters across the country didn’t vote for Democrat congressmen as they normally would. They voted for Joe Biden, but not for other Democrat candidates.

These were Biden voters, not Democrat voters,
and we’ve only seen them at 3AM the day after the election.

We didn’t see these strange Biden voters everywhere. We only saw them in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and a few counties in Arizona.. at 3AM. Pennsylvania and Michigan usually vote like Ohio, Indiana and Florida. These demographic groups look similar and have the same interests. They vote the same way year after year. Most of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia did vote the way they usually do.. except in a few cities at 3AM the day after the election.

We were told to ignore these strange results and accept the election. If you ask about that unusual voting behavior then you’re called a racist who wants to disenfranchise black people. That is what Democrat spokesmen said on the mainstream media.

Something else happened that was strange. By some miracle, Biden voters in this election knew which voting machines to use. When there were several brands of voting machines from which to choose, these Biden voters chose voting machines by Dominion or Hart. That is an amazing coincidence. I didn’t notice which voting machine I used. I doubt you did either. Somehow, these Biden voters knew which voting booth to walk into so they could use a particular voting machine.. or so the media would have us believe.

Those votes only makes sense if it was the voting machine determining the candidate rather than the voter expressing his choice. When the machine makes the selection for us, then more of us suddenly become Biden voters no matter which party we belong to and which button we push.

That was enough evidence for most of us. 47 percent of us think the election was a fraud. 61 percent of Republican voters, 29 percent of Independents, and 30 percent of Democrats think that the election was stolen through fraud.

We thought that even though the mainstream media called the election on Tuesday night. We think that way despite the media cutting away from Republicans presenting the evidence for fraud. We feel that even though Youtube and social media censor posts that question the election. Imagine how we’d feel if we were given all the competing information that is out there and were allowed to decide for ourselves.

This must be a great election for Joe Biden. He didn’t campaign very hard. His campaign rallies didn’t attract large crowds. His Vice Presidential choice never got more than a few percent of the vote in the primaries. He didn’t work very hard yet Joe got more votes than any candidate ever. Who knew that Joe and his ideas were amazingly attractive. I sure didn’t.

If I were Joe, then I’d want a recount to prove how popular I am and to remove the stink of a stolen election. Instead, Biden wants us to accept the vote the way the Democrats counted it. That seems strange for someone who claims to be the most popular presidential candidate we’ve ever had. Unless he isn’t.

Maybe Joe Biden only looks like a good candidate at 3AM when everyone else has gone home.

Now you understand why Biden is not my President and why this is not my government. We didn’t vote for them and they don’t speak for us. Someone who seizes power illegitimately is a tyrant. Removing a tyrant is never against the law.

Rob Morse

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