A Virtual Yellow Star

As happens every time a despotic emergency regime is established and constitutional guarantees are suspended, the result is, as happened with the Jews under fascism, the discrimination of a category of men, who automatically become second-class citizens.

This is the aim of the creation of the so-called green pass (vaccine passport).  It is discrimination based on personal beliefs and not an objective scientific certainty proven by the fact that, in the scientific field, the debate of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy is still ongoing.  The vaccines were produced quickly and without adequate testing.  Despite this, those who stick to their free and well-founded conviction and refuse to get vaccinated will be excluded from social life.

That the vaccine is transformed into a sort of political-religious symbol aimed at creating discrimination among unvaccinated citizens is evident by the irresponsible declaration of a politician, who,  without realizing that he was using a fascist jargon said “we will purge them with the green pass”. The “green card” constitutes a virtual yellow star.  

This is a fact whose political gravity cannot be overstated. What does a country become in which a discriminated class is created?  How can one accept living with second-class citizens?

The need to discriminate is as old as society and certainly some forms of discrimination have always been present in our so-called democratic societies; but the that these factual discriminations are sanctioned by law is a barbarism that we cannot accept.

Source:  Cittadini Di Second a Classe, (Google Translate -Second Class Citizen) by Giorgio Agamben, an Italian philosopher and writer whose work is translated all over the world, originally published at Quodlibet

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