It is the Nature of Wolves to Prey on the Defenseless

Recently an acquaintance asked me what the hell is going on?  This isn’t the America we grew up in!  Are we living in the twilight zone? 

If only it were the twilight zone!  If only I could come up with an answer that could explain the craziness.  Then I came upon an article by Nelson Hutltberg, “Moral Disorder” that more elegantly explained the craziness than I could ever muster.

Yes Virginia, pervasive moral disorder does dominates our lives today.  It is a deadly thing that has seeped into our culture like nerve gas quietly permeating the brains of combatants in war.  Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world; the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.  

Over this past century our men of the mind have scampered like little children into a pseudo realm of intellectuality, a sinister realm that they would know is false if only they would trust the gifts of reason and intuition bestowed upon them, if only they would seek their true purpose rather than so eagerly capitulate to the baser elements within them.

You have to admit that sounds a lot more eloquent than saying:  yes Virginia, the world has gone bat ass crazy and we’re screwed!

It is a fact that evil lurks in the background eternally seeking a means to insert itself into society.  Unfortunately, in times of turmoil this evil is gleefully embraced by the ghouls and Machiavellians who live for the moment and care not one iota for society as a whole.  And it is these malevolent types who are destroying us today.

They control the citadels of power in all arenas – political, corporate, financial, education, artistic, etc. and will eventually bring us to ruin if not challenged.  Unfortunately, they can only be challenged by those who believe in the concept of moral truth and there are few of us left.

For 100 years now, our destroyers have told us that certainty in life does not exist, that it is a myth held by deluded and backward people. But this is a fallacy of gigantic proportions. Certainty and its corollary of “moral truth” are indeed possible for humans. We understood this at one time in our past but if we are to regain its grasp, we must restore the intellectual pillar that built our civilization – the synthesis of reason, experience, and intuition.

This is the gift that our greatest thinkers possess – the ability to synthesize reason, experience, and intuition without even knowing they are doing it. They are the means with which God has endowed us to know the “philosophical good” so that we can lead free, happy, productive, and honorable lives. 

So when the pseudo-intellectuals try to tell you that certainty doesn’t exist for man, tell them, “Not so.”

Life is filled with certainties. We can be certain that a society of Jeffersonian liberty is superior to a society of social welfarism; that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it’s follies; that fabricating the facts of reality is wrong; that two plus two can never be five as the Orwellian want us to believe; that murder, theft, and rape are heinous crimes for all eras and cultures; that corn flakes are a better breakfast than heroin; that objective law is superior to anarchy; that reason trumps sophistry; that faith, hope, and charity are better values to teach than cynicism and greed; and that love is the great, galvanizing spark that has instilled truth, goodness, and beauty into human existence.

The most paramount of certainties is moral certainty for without it, freedom is lost.  Moral certainly gives us strength to govern ourselves for without such strength, dictators will sneak in unawares that will bamboozle our children into not only doubting the majesty of our Founder’s visions but into believing they will be our savior.   It is, after all,  the nature of wolves to prey on the defenseless.

Our free civilization was built upon the moral certainty that there exists in the scheme of life a Natural Law of proportion and sanity that permeates existence, an order in the universe which we can discover and according to which the human will must act so that it can attune itself to the universal harmony….We do not make this law, but are made to live within it.”  [George P. Grant, Philosophy In A Mass Age, p. 41.]

There are eternal truths to which we must learn to conform.

Source: Moral Disorder, by Nelson Hultberg

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