Voting Fraud

Bulk-mail ballot fraud is the Democrats’ strategy for electoral victory from here until kingdom come. They know that if every American receives a ballot in the mail without even having to request one, and if those Americans don’t have to show ID to vote, and if Election Day permanently becomes Election Month(s), Democrats will come away with more votes.

Keep that in mind every single time you hear a news report about election laws, whether about Dems “expanding” voting rights or Republicans “restricting” them.

When Senator Manchin of West Virginia voiced his opposition to the Democratic strategy of making voting fraud the law of the land, it was obvious that HR1, For the People Act, would fail in the Senate.

For those not familiar with For the People Act, it would have lined the pockets of every politician by publicly funding campaigns; violate Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution by impeding states’ mandated right to decide how their elections should be run; and restrict First Amendment rights. Even the ACLU, a far-left organization that typically supports any hair brain idea the Democrat’s toss out, opposed the bill.

When the bill failed to pass in June of this year, Senator Manchin of West Virginia, joined forces with a handful of left-wing Democrats that included Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, to come up with a compromise he believed Republicans could support.  The Freedom to Vote Act, S 2747, sponsored by Amy Klobuchar of MN was introduced in the Senate on September 14, 2021.

When is a compromise bill not a compromise?  When it keeps most of the core provisions of the original bill that Manchin claims he couldn’t support.

The new bill will also violate Article 1, Section 4 that invests the power of election law with the states.  Just like the original bill, it would overturn state laws governing elections by instituting mail ballots with no excuse required, enfranchise felons upon leaving prison, and force states to count mail-in ballots that arrived late, etc.  The only major difference in the two is that Manchin would keep voter ID but expand it to include numerous meaningless forms of ID.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, not impressed with the original bill, referred to Manchin’s compromise bill as a “solution in search of a problem,” indicating that the GOP would not support it.  Let’s hope Republicans hold that line, because it’s not just the GOP’s political future on the line – it is the integrity of American elections in perpetuity at stake.

Senator Schumer has promised to bring the so-called compromise bill up for a vote on October 20th.  Voting legislation requires 60 votes to pass in the Senate and without Republican support, it will fail.  The only way to actually pass the bill is for a unanimous Democratic caucus to change the filibuster rules.  But will they? 

Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema of Arizona are opposed to eliminating or reforming the filibuster. There is also a discussion of creating a special “carve-out” for voting rights from the filibuster rules but unfortunately that would also require the support of Manchin and Sinema. 

Schumer, a die-hard left-winger, has repeatedly said that “everything is on the table” to get voting reform passed.  Last month, he warned that if Republicans “are unwilling to move forward, Democrats will have to move on our own.” 

It should be interesting to see how far he is willing to go to make America a one-party dictatorship.

Source:  A Phony Compromise on Voting by Nate Jackson, The Patriot Post; H.R. 1 is for the politicians, not the people by Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois, The Hill; How Low Will Democrats Go to Win? Franklin County Patriots.

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