Consumption Is Now A Dirty Word

Remember Klaus Schwab warning us last year that they were preparing the Great Reset which was part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and that the entire global paradigm upon which this sin-cursed and fallen world sits was going to radically and drastically change?  Geoffrey Grinder

Mastercard and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have joined forces with the Swedish company Doconomy, to create a Chinese-style social credit system scoring for your personal spending habits.  With your new DO app,  Doconomy will track the carbon emissions on every purchase you make and then cut off your credit when you reach the carbon max that has been predetermined for you.  According to their web site, “It is the largest initiative even taken by a bank to educate its users on the impact of consumption.”

Just sign up for the climate-friendly and biodegradable DO Mastercard payment card, printed with recycled pollution (Air-Ink) and download the “Do app” and get your “free” savings account into which you can deposit those DO credits from preapproved stores, and let the UN guilt you into making a “donation” to one of their approved carbon offset programs or allow you the joy of “investing” in sustainable funds.

Sounds almost as much fun as having your mom chaperon your date!  

This credit card follows on the heels of a study in the Journal Nature in August 2021 calling for “personal carbon allowances” that would monitor individuals’ CO2 emissions through smart meters and tracking apps. The personal carbon allowance also tracks food consumption for rationing.

While the card is currently being advertised for voluntary use, Marc Morano, founder and executive editor of what leftists call the “climate change denial” website Climate Depot,  says that it will begin as voluntary but how long before it will be “mandated by big corporations in collusion with left-wing governments?”

The World Economic Forum’s  virtual Davos summit of 2021, for example, framed climate change as an “urgent threat demanding decisive action,” including “comprehensive,” short and long-term “climate actions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement” by both private and public bodies. These goals include “greener” (even if less profitable) business practices with lower CO2 emissions, to be enforced by international authorities.

It’s not like Personal Carbon Allowances (PCA) is a new concept.  In 2008, the UK government examined a proposal for such as a means of reducing emissions.  However, COVID and the extraordinary measures implemented may have helped lay the groundwork for public acceptance of the PCA scheme. 

An August 2021 article in Nature, “Personal Carbon Allowances Revisited,” made precisely this point. The article directly connected the measures imposed during the pandemic with the argument in favor of PCAs.  People may be more prepared to accept tracking and limitations.   

Over the past year-and-a-half, several new and closely related words and phrases have crept into our daily vernacular; words like “Build Back Better,” the “new normal,” the “carbon credit economy,” the “fourth industrial revolution,” “transhumanism” and the “Great Reset,” the latter of which is warmly promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and by several hundred multinational corporations, ranging from MasterCard to Moderna, that are listed as Great Reset “partners.”

What these terms all reflect is a new, digitally based economy and society where one’s movements, transactions, interactions and behaviors are all monitored, and are connected to “targets” which in turn are closely tied to purportedly “green” policies and benchmarks, such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are talking about global rationing based on your carbon footprint! … forever!

In order for this to work, everyone will be required to have a passport ID. You will lose your present income, your small brick-and-mortar businesses, be kept in lockdown, forced to connect to the digital supply and commerce chains, and your money will be digitalized. The food supply chain will have to collapse and be replaced with one that is more “green”. All products and materials we currently use will be removed and replaced by carbon-friendly products.

You will become a token on a carbon transaction network, up for trade on a carbon exchange. If you do not comply, you will be ostracized and left on your own, disconnected from this new draconian “green” society. This is the plan of the globalist ruling class.

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