A House Divided

“Oh, Lord, what fools these mortals be…” So wrote Shakespeare over 400 years ago.

Multiculturalism has brought our world back to an ancient time of tribal warfare — a hostile landscape of our own making. In our hasty mindless rush toward acceptance and celebration of the anything goes mindset, man has embraced the concept of multiple, distinct enclaves within the borders of once homogenous nations.

Where once we rejoiced in our national identity, one Nation under God, we have now drawn new boundaries around subclasses of our population, stubbornly proud of our hyphenated differences, angrily resentful of earlier wrongs, regressing into an ancient world of tribal distinctions, suspicions, and perceived prejudices.

It is no longer enough to accept diversity, our leaders demand we embrace and celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly along with the deviant, the ignorant, the self-ignorant, the self-serving, the self-destructive and the absurd.

Political correctness and multiculturalism drive our modern world. All doctrines, religions, and traditions enjoy moral equivalence even in the textbooks our children read in school. We tolerate the intolerable as we defend the proliferation of stone-age aberrations and horrors.

Militant Diversity has become our new god. Atavisms walking with their knuckles on the ground fan the embers of old rivalries resulting in race riots and wars, in the execution of police officers and the scourge of terrorism world-wide.

But a tribal world is exactly the state of affairs to which many of our leaders have pinned their lust for wealth and power. America is no longer an emerald island of united humanity in a world entrenched in hatred, fear, and suspicion. We now resemble the primitive tribes of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, the ancient City States along the Mediterranean shores, the Papal States of a divided Italy, or the feudal enclaves and kingdoms of Western Europe. For cities like Dearborn, Michigan, the “no go zones” of modern Europe loom ominously on the horizon.

Throughout history, all tribal warlords, kings, monarchs, emperors, and feudal lords succeeded in keeping the masses in poverty, want, and dependency. Rebelling, speaking, or thinking too boldly resulted in prison at hard labor, confiscation of wealth and property, indentured servitude, debtor’s prison, and various other ingenious punishments, including outright slavery.

We are at a critical juncture in American history. The far left has been successful in dividing us along lines of political party, social issues, race and now the absurdity of gender choice and sexual political issues. Those that hate America know well the war tactic of “divide and conquer.”  And make no mistake – in a tribal world, only the chieftains come out winners. 

The Red State “conservative” revenge against liberals, and the Blue State “liberal” hatred of Bible-centered American traditionalism, the racially charged unwillingness to forgive among many, the gender chaos and its hurtful and socially insane cultural confusion, all contribute to an impasse, a kind of neo-civil war prelude.

We need to remember what Christ said in Matthew 12:25: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

If America fails, we all go down with it.

Source: A House Divided – America’s Tribal Rivalries by Gary Spina, First published at the Independent Sentinel; and Plea to Americans: The Great Divide Must Stop, Shreveport Times Op-Ed


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