Lied to, Used, Screwed and Preyed Upon

Whether one chooses to believe it or not, the human race has been targeted for extermination. As insane as that may sound to some, nonetheless, it is true.

Since the 1990’s, one of the weapons being used against us, and all of nature, are chemtrails.

These seemingly innocent white streaks crisscrossing the heavens, known as cloud seeding, contain barium, aluminum and strontium. Under the guise of (Climate Change or Global Warming), chemtrails are affecting our ecological system, destroying bees, trees, fish, insects, wildlife, and vegetation by contaminating the soil and our water supply.

Unfortunately, most are unaware that this scam named Climate Change, is a sinister agenda being used as a means to destroy human liberty and the world’s political and economic structure.

The scientific community invented the theory of Global Warming, theorizing that global warming is the rise of the Earth’s surface temperature (the Green House Effect), blaming human’s use of fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. These gases trap heat within the atmosphere, which increases global temperatures, having a negative effect on the ecosystem, including rising sea levels, and severe weather events and droughts.

What you’re not being told is the weather is actually being used as a weapon of war, better known as Weather Modification. During Research operation Popeye, the U.S. used weather modification during the Vietnam War (1967-1972) and considered it successful because they were able to prolong the Monson season to disrupt the tactical logistics of the North Vietnamese Army.

On Oct. 5th, 1978, the United Nations passed The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) treaty forbidding the military from using Weather Modification against hostile nations, but it did not restrict governments from using Weather Warfare against their own nation.

According to the 1978 document shown below, the U.S. military used Weather Warfare against citizens, noting that it was the same technique used in Operation Popeye during the Vietnam war. On page 401 we find the statement that “there is no question that during a dry season, cloud seeding aggravates conditions to cause droughts, and during a wet cycle, it triggers even more rain and floods.” On page 402 they write that “Cloud seeding has been responsible for a great 5-year drought in the Northeast United States. Isolated sections of the Northeast have experienced 18 years of drought due to cloud seeding. When the effects of seeding wear off, cloudburst occur, causing floods, destroying crops, buildings and drowning people as well as livestock.”

For those who haven’t caught on yet, it is our own government that is using power transmission towers to boil the upper atmosphere, disturbing the ionosphere. By focusing energy into certain parts of the ionosphere, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flooding, even droughts and earthquakes can be created.  

This energy war weapon called HAARP, is not only being used to manipulate our weather, but these ELF radio transmitters can create an impenetrable shield against any missiles or aircraft trying to get through our airspace.

All being said and done, we are constantly being told that humans are causing the earth’s temperature to rise, when in reality, Weather Modification operations are used to create Climate Change, i.e., Global Warming, which is part of Agenda 21, The Great Reset.

Everything happening today was pre-planned and is being implemented for the New World Order, where we will own nothing, rent everything and be happy while being made to pay a carbon tax on something government (s) created. Or should I say, those who survive the other depopulation attack; “the jab” will be made to pay a carbon tax.

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