With RINOs Like McConnell

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, McConnell Casts Ukraine Vote as Victory over Republican Party’s Isolation Wing, during a big media tour McConnell not only praised Biden’s foreign policy, but virulently attacked the “Isolation Wing” of 11 Republican Senators and 57 members of Congress who voted against it.

McConnell loves Biden’s foreign policy so much, at least where it involves the Ukraine, that he worked with Democrats to expand the bill from Biden’s initial request of $33 billion to more than $40 billion and then smoothed hurdles for its passage.

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri hit the nail when he tweeted that, “spending $40 billion on Ukraine, more than 3 times what all of Europe has spent combined, is not in America’s interests.  It neglects priorities at home (the border, food shortages, inflation), allows Europe to freeload, shortchanges critical interests abroad and comes with no meaningful oversight. That’s not isolationism. That’s nationalism. It’s about prioritizing American security and American interests.”

The realization that McConnell is on the Democrats side should not come as a surprise. He pushed and made certain it passed, Biden’s $1.2 trillion fake infrastructure bill loaded with gender equality, forced Green New Deal policies, that included electric vehicles. And, far from being a compromise to just move the country forward, his vote for Biden’s Build Back Better communism was something he’s “delighted” about. Yes, McConnell actually said that.

McConnell is an old-time political insider who cares more about his country club buddies than the United States.  His pockets are so stuffed with donor cash that he literally looks like a bloated rhino. It’s ironic that he is, in every way, a Republican in Name Only (RINO). He never supported Trump or the MAGA movement. He never supported breaking away from the corrupt two-party liberal system. He never supported making America truly great again. Come to think of it he rarely, if ever, supported any real conservative issue.

All he cares about is keeping the political machine well-greased and humming along.  Short version: he’s not on our side. If you need an example, consider that he said, during an interview with CNN concerning the recent mass shooting, that he had instructed Senator John Cornyn of Texas to negotiate with some “centrist” (like they really exist) Democrats that include Krysten Sinema of Arizona and Chris Murphy of Connecticut to try and hammer out a compromise gun control bill.  

Of course, for voters McConnell was anxious to emphasize that he was “not pushing” for legislation that would advance a partisan Democrat agenda, but only to find a legislative solution directly related to the circumstances of the Uvalde shooting.  He uses that excuse a lot while he’s working to stab conservatives in the back. Our favorite RINO from South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, has also suggested his willingness to work with Democrats.

McConnell, like Graham, Mitt Romney, Biden and so many others, is nothing but a professional politician. Were he not a politician, I doubt very seriously that he could perform any job that would bring the amount of wealth that being a politician has.

The regime of ‘Creepy Joe’ only exists because our gutless, spineless RINOs keep bailing the Democrats out. Trust me when I say that America’s future as a free and sovereign nation is very much in danger. The Democrats have been allowed to make great strides in their effort to destroy America because there has been little or no resistance from RINOs. If America is to be saved the people will have to take matters into their own hands and vote these gutless wonders out!!!!

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