Useful Idiots

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am – not stuck in the middle, but hovering above the entire farcical spectrum, weeping as I behold my fellow man’s devotion to political illusion and self-destruction.  Robert Higgs

On the whole, your society exemplifies Webster’s definition of the word oblivious: lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention; and, lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness.

Perhaps you aren’t completely to blame for your disgusting inability to think for yourself, act in your own self-interest and attain feelings of emotional stability or good health without the guidance of a lifelong Nanny.  Your devolution has been engineered by a parasitic State that understands the need to numb and stupefy your most basic human instincts and desires.  You have been helped to the point of incompetence and made an idiot by a society of simplicity and convenience.

Your food, if you can call it that, is served to you through a window while you sit in your automobile.  If you don’t want to work, no problem, the government is happy to provide for you. Your friends are not friends but faces on a screen or names on a website. You likely have thousands of them but few meaningful relationships.

Sex is exploited by politicians, special interest groups and the media to divert your attention from reality.  Your political views are molded by politicians’ and media’s exploitation of emotionally charged social issues —  abortion, women’s rights, race relations, same-sex marriage, gender identity, etc. — so you do not realize that you are losing your rights  on a daily basis.

You idolize idiots for their physical attributes or charm.  When given the opportunity to obsess over their lives so you can forget that your own is unfulfilling, you are grateful.

Politicians use phrases like “right-wing” or “left-wing” to make you believe in freedom of political choice, democracy and liberty.  There is no such thing in this collapsing society.  There is only the slavery of consumption.  If you are a person who recognizes this and attempts to live a lifestyle that diminishes the State’s involvement in your affairs, you are branded a terrorist, conspiracy nut or simply crazy.

The United States is the Roman Empire, and bread and circus rules the populace.  If you think this is untrue, consider how ignorant politicians holding the highest offices in the Nation believe you to be. 

We elected Obama on platform of lies: ending war; restoring liberty by undoing the police state and giving average Americans more paths to greatness.  During the entire campaign he made television appearances and insulted your intelligence by singing to you about the value of further empowering the increasingly something-for-nothing college scam; or trying to convince you that Islamic terrorists have more bark than bite.  He even told you he was going to take everything you had and redistribute it to the pockets of left-wing dictators and tyrants around the world and you cheered.  

We elected Trump over Hillary to undo Obama’s left-wing agenda but were you grateful? NO, you fell prey to the ultimate deception of division.  Whether Biden was duly elected, or the left stole the election is of little consequence at this point.  Joined at the hip with the lap-dog media, Biden reinstituted all of Obama’s failed policies

When Obama was elected, some of you, realizing how bad things really were and how much worse they would get, attempted to force changes and reforms.  You started the Tea Party, you attended rallies and elected new politicians to change government from within.  

The elites recognized the call for change from both groups and quickly acted — but not in your favor.  They mobilized their paid for mainstream media to make you believe that Tea Partiers were all right-wing, racist, women-haters and that all OWS activists were baby-killing, anarchist queers.  After polarizing both movements with social stigma, members were easily assimilated by the Republican and Democratic establishment as useful idiots for both sides.  

What if you weren’t dumb and realized that by building on common ground rather than fighting over ideological differences suggested by the left-wing media, you might have a chance to topple the political establishment and its false left-right paradigm?  That would be bad news for the powerful elite who control your money and your life and who have worked so very hard to make you stupid. 

If people who think they are on opposing sides of the political argument were to ever wake up and realize their propagandized realities, they could rise up together and put America back on a Constitutional footing. 

The “us versus them” you see, has nothing to with contention between average Americans no matter what political ideologies they follow.  “Us” is me, you — the useful idiots — and “them” is the group of elite power brokers that push and prod us through the media and fiat money that they control.  They are the ones with the shiny objects and, Americans love shiny objects.

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”  Plato

Source: Sam Rolley, at Personal Liberty Digest, in his article “Dumb America”.

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