The Elephant in the Room – an Armed Citizenry

“What if the American government ever “goes bad” and becomes a police state? That tyrannical government, if it could enlist the willing support of every American soldier and every American law enforcement officer, which is doubtful, would field perhaps a total of 1.5 million armed personnel. These duped soldiers and cops would have to go to their jobs each day facing a bare minimum of 10 MILLION very, very motivated and angry armed American citizens. The rest would sit on the fence waiting, with their guns, to see which way the tide was flowing.

Additionally, you must logically ask WHY the present government is so obsessively committed to “gun control”. If our government has become so overpowering, so omnipotent, and it’s a waste of our time to even imagine resisting tyranny, then why do “They” even worry about the citizens being armed?

And why did the political regimes that committed genocide though the history of the 20th Century, first REGISTER and then CONFISCATE firearms before marching unarmed masses off to killing fields? If an armed government is so omnipotent, why have so many armed governments gone to the effort and expense of gun confiscation? The Turks did it to the Armenians. Lenin did it to Russians. Hitler did it to many Germans and millions of Jews. Stalin gave Russians a horrific double dose. And Mao, the world record holding mass murderer, did it to Red China.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunters’ rights. It is not even to protect us from burglars, rapists, muggers, or even lunatics. The use of a firearm for food and/or self-defense is only “spin off” of the original intent of 2nd Amendment.

An armed citizenry is the ONLY way to insure, to guarantee, that the potentially megalomaniacal egos of politicians, authoritarian police hierarchs and the military leadership are kept under a quiet, and yet very emphatic, restraint.

An armed citizenry whispers into the ears of every politician, soldier, and cop: “Steady there. Think again. Remember, if you get too far out of line, and come to enslave us, we will fight back.

Don’t misread my words. All those hysterically addled leftist mind manipulators out there secretly know this is true. They hate it. But they know it is true, even through the fog of their gun phobic mental illness.

If someone wants to accuse me of hate speech they’d better first begin by indicting, in absentia, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and virtually the entire cast of our Founders. I’m just an ordinary American who cherishes the liberty they created for me and my loved ones to enjoy. I, and millions of others, take this stuff very, very seriously.

In closing, if you don’t own a gun now might be a good time to buy one or two. If you don’t know how to handle one safely, take a class in self-defense and then pray that you never have to use it.

And one final suggestion: The more they tell us to “turn down the rhetoric” the louder we must become. History teaches that this approach, and nothing else, will preserve our freedom. We cannot compromise with evil.

source: The Elephant in the Room by Kirby Ferris,

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