Democrats and Inflation

The Biden administration is spinning the news as fast and as hard as they can. They said that inflation is caused by Covid. They blamed Vladimir Putin for high energy prices. The Biden Administration also blamed the supply chain problems they caused for the higher prices we are all trying to pay. If you only surfed headlines then you might believe their spin. A few seconds of research on your phone is all it takes to show they lying.

Inflation in some other countries is a few percent while it is probably over 10 percent here in the USA. Every country in the world faced Covid. Every country in the world faces the decreases supply of natural gas and food caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Most countries had to deal with disrupted shipping. Their economy moved on with small interruptions if the country managed those problems.

That is not what we saw here in the USA under the Biden Administration. Biden made those problems worse. Hong Kong has to import oil. So does Switzerland. Both depend on international trade for their economy. Both of them dealt with Covid 19. Both countries have inflation rates under 3%. That means that inflation can’t be caused by Covid, by Putin, or by the delays in international shipping. Look up international rates of inflation on your phone and you can prove it for yourself.

The Democrats killed our jobs during Covid and then shut down oil production here in the USA. They spent money they didn’t have on their political friends. That means the money in our wallets is worth less day after day. Democrat politicians made political choices that badly damaged our economy. They then acted surprised and tried to defect the blame for what they did.

Ignorance, indifference, and cowardice is a dangerous combination in a politician, but democrats vote for it time after time. It only takes a few seconds of research to uncover their lies. No wonder we don’t believe Democrat politicians or the news media who lie for them.

source: Those Stubborn Facts About Democrats and Inflation by Rob Morse, Slow Facts

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