Domestic Police State

The United States is no longer a constitutional republic. Its presidency has been stolen, its border lies undefended, and its administrative agencies have been weaponized against the people.

The August 8 raid on Donald Trump’s home spotlighted the danger of out-of-control law enforcement agencies. But this raid was far from the first time an administrative agency has abused its authority.

Over the past several years, the size, scope and power of America’s federal government has grown at an alarming rate. Even liberal law professors are now warning that the vast majority of the nation’s laws no longer come from the people’s elected representatives in Congress and state governments. Instead, people are governed by laws decreed as “regulations,” imposed by an army of unelected, unaccountable, unreachable bureaucrats.

And the word army is an apt metaphor. Biden is overseeing the most significant expansion of the domestic police state since the Obama Administration.  The deceptively named Inflation Reduction Act does nothing to reduce inflation but earmarks $80 billion for the IRS to hire 87,000 new employees, more than doubling its personnel, many of whom will carry weapons. One IRS  job posting for criminal investigation special agents called for applicants who were willing to “carry a firearm” and “willing to use deadly force.” After a public outcry, this job posting was edited. Yet the government still plans to hire 300 special agents with firearm authority.

Democratic lawmakers say these new hires are necessary to prevent tax evasion. Still, many Republicans find the sheer volume of guns and ammo the deep state is stockpiling concerning.

The founders of the United States specifically avoided granting the federal government any policing power. Policing was left to the states and the electorate. Over time, the federal government has accorded to itself more and more policing power.  It seems that federal agents no longer trust local law enforcement to enforce their unconstitutional dictates.

Outside of a few well-defined crimes, such as counterfeiting, treason and piracy, constitutional law mandates that law enforcement be a function of state and local government. The Constitution does not grant the government any power to establish a national police force, and the 10th Amendment states that powers not expressly granted to the federal government “are reserved to the states, respectively, or to the people.”

Local officials are accountable to the people. Many local sheriffs across America have refused to enforce unconstitutional gun grabs, mask mandates or vaccine requirements. The Biden regime is therefore attacking local police departments and the gun rights of American citizens while simultaneously empowering U.S. executive agencies. The man leading the regime, Barack Obama, understands that federal officials ultimately report to the federal executive: the president.

The framers of the Constitution were deeply wary of standing armies in peacetime. They could have written an article, section or at least a clause that accorded the federal government a police agency to enforce regulations made by the executive branch and to raid the homes of citizens suspected of opposing the current president’s policies. They deliberately did not. Instead, they limited the power of the government, in particular the power of the federal government. They understood human nature and wanted to reduce threats to individual liberty.

Many Americans are beginning to realize that they no longer live in a free republic but in an increasingly authoritarian technocracy run by powerful, unelected bureaucrats, civil servants, military leaders and intelligence agents. Many federal bureaucracies now possess the powers of the legislature (regulations), the judiciary (administrative “courts”), and the executive (enforcement by armed agents). So there is little the people can do to stand against deep state tyranny.

The national police force the founders avoided is now a well-armed reality.

A standing military force, with an overgrown executive, will not long be safe companions to liberty. James Madison

Source:  Why You Can’t Bear Arms but the IRS Can by Andrew Miiller, The Trumpet; Armed Pencil Pushers, Franklin County Patriots.

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