Something Is Going on That is Not Normal

Thursday night September 1, 2022, Joe Biden addressed the nation from Philadelphia, in a speech heavily laced with anger and insults toward Republicans who support former President Donald Trump.

It is painfully obvious that in the absence of any successful accomplishments since taking office, all that is left for Biden is to pitch the usual anti-Trump rhetoric and hope the gullible will bite.

The fascism Biden so vehemently warned about belongs to Joe Biden. As Glen Beck warned, Biden is spearheading the move toward 21st century fascism by calling for implementation of an economic program launched in 2020 by the World Economic Forum that, when finalized, should put control of the world’s wealth into the hands of major corporations and global financial institutions.

Coming in as number one on the perversion scale, with no chance to be called normal in this world or the next, is the abuse of children. Regardless of what left-wing teachers tell their classes about history, all nations that began to disregard the lives of their own offspring fell into collapse and diminishment. We have no chance of becoming the exception to the rule.

America has been killing children since 1973 and now that abortion is on the chopping block, the left is offering the help of doctors and medical clinics to maul and permanently mutilate the bodies of our children. The Boston Childrens Hospital is but one example of a medical facility that not only offers but brags about hysterectomies, breast removal and permanent “gender affirming” surgeries for young children.

The rest of Biden’s threatened “normal” behaviors is also just as unbelievable.

What other countries think it is normal to swing open the gates and let anyone cross into their country? They enter without vetting, health checks and some are herding children into human trafficking and carrying dangerous drugs that kill our fellow citizens by the thousands, especially our youngsters.

What is normal about leaving our own people and billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment behind, to an enemy we have been engaged with for over twenty years?

What is normal about taxing someone to pay for school loans someone else no longer thinks they can afford? What is normal about choking a nations energy source to be replaced by green energy that does not even exist?

With Joe Biden, correcting lies and absurdities, watching failures, and listening to him attack half of the decent people of this country, has now become – normal.

source: Biden Says, “Something is Going on in American That is Just not Normal’ He’s right, its Demonic by Rev. Michael Bresciani, Canadian Free Press

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