Enviro Tyranny

An article titled “‘My Carbon’: An Approach for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities,” by Kunal Kumar and Mridul Kaushik, was recently published by the World Economic Forum.  In the article, the authors laid out steps that were needed to bring the world into a carbon-based social credit score system that is very similar to what China is currently using to control behavior based on a point system to determines what their citizens can and cannot do in society.

According to the authors, “COVID-19 was the test of social responsibility.”  In other words, if the masses were willing to submit themselves to experimental vaccines, wear masks, social distance, and other unimaginable restrictions for “public health,” they will be more than willing to conform to a carbon-based social credit score system that will surveil their lives.  The Overlords agree. 

The Fed is now taking major steps toward facilitating a carbon based Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliant monetary network and six of the nation’s largest left-wing financial system, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo, will participate in a pilot program to see if it is feasible beginning in 2023.  To be more precise, the Fed is working with these left-wing banks to monitor their ability to comply with the Overlords’ preferred enviro tyranny.

While this excise is being touted as “exploratory in nature and without capital consequences” don’t believe it.  Nor should you believe that this is being done because they “care about the environment.”  This climate narrative is simply a ruse to take complete control over the lives of the peasants.

ESG is just the latest Trojan horse for the continuing centralization of our financial system, popularized by political asset management behemoths like BlackRock and Vanguard, under the guise of protecting the planet.  When in truth it will serve as the vehicle to coerce businesses and by extension, individuals, into deploying capital through the gatekeepers of the system, the wealthy Overlords.

In all likelihood, the Fed’s program will follow in the footsteps of the Euro system launched in January of this year, which in only 7 months resulted in a “climate action plan” to “support the green transition in line with the EU’s climate neutrality objectives” to decarbonize the economy.  And we all know well that has worked. Europe’s over-reliance on wind power has kneecapped its energy industry, putting it at the mercy of Russia. Now, Europe has been forced to ration both industrial and residential use of electricity and natural gas, and they have yet to enter the coldest months of the year.

So, how long will it take the Fed’s excursion into social engineering to take a more devious turn? China instituted their system by telling the people it would work like a credit score used in western countries.  But the reality set in when they encompassed a broader notion of “trust” into the system with compliance rewards and “incentives” to do better. 

The Chinese are monitored in all areas of life and rated on how they behave.  They can gain points by praising the Communist Party online, visiting their elderly parents, not smoking, apologizing for crimes committed, not getting traffic tickets, etc. thereby making it more likely they can succeed in their jobs or get priority status for the children’s school admissions, tax breaks and better access to the financial markets.  However, not following the Communist Party definition of being a good citizen, leads to disastrous consequences like losing your job, not being able to get a loan, or travel, or access to public services.

Until and unless there is an organized pushback, our futures will more than likely track with those of China. Considering the growth of algorithms and dependence on tech giants, the ability to track, censor and eventually punish ordinary citizens will be mindboggling by 2030.

Peer pressure, trendy movements, and the ability to comply with the new system with the click of a mouse combine all of the worst elements of dopamine-chasing Americans. As it grows in breadth and power, what may be most surprising about our new social credit system won’t be collective fear of it, but rather how quickly most people will fall in line.  Kristin Tate

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