Biden Pushing North American Union

People are starting to realize that the collapse of the American border is not an accident.  When the vice president of the United States says the border is “secure” at the same time that illegal border crossings have surged to more than a million a year, then one of two things must be true. Either the VP is lying or delusional.  While either could be true, I firmly believe that Biden’s handlers are deliberately lying to hide their true agenda.

Mexican president Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador recently disclosed Biden’s agenda when he announced that Secretary of State Antony Blinken proposed opening all borders among the United States, Mexico, and Canada during a meeting in mid-October. Obrador relates that “Blinken spoke about consolidating the region of North America, and we agree on that.  We are also in favor of a unity of the entire American continent, like the way the first European community emerged and converted into the European Union. That’s what we want.”

What both Obrador and Blinken were referring to is the North American Union which G.W. Bush pushed early in his presidency.  During 2005 at a summit at Bush’s ranch between the leaders, it was announced that they had agreed to create a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They also quietly proposed a more ambitious vision of a new community by 2010, along with specific recommendations on how to achieve it.  Within two months CFR presented a white paper, Building a North American Community, the core of which involved opening the borders to all people to flow freely.  GW Bush was never able to sell it to the American public, but Biden’s handlers have higher expectations.

Under the Bush North American Union, the US, Canada and Mexico would become a borderless North America.  Sovereignty would end so that people could move freely and uninhibited throughout the three countries. Like the European Union, North America would have its own Central Bank.  We would lose our independence and freedom as a sovereign nation as a standardized system of laws, common policies on trade and regional development and a common currency would be put into place.

Mass migration on our southern border is a tool to merge the United States into a North American Union. This plan is supported by the establishment-oriented leadership of both parties, along with the Deep State and cultural Marxists.

The left understands that the vast majority of individuals from other countries and cultures have no knowledge or understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the philosophical principles held by the founding fathers. By importing these individuals en masse, which prevents their assimilation into American philosophy and culture, the elites are able to reshape the nation to their liking.

Once you envision the collapse of the US border as an intentional strategy Biden’s policies start to make sense.  By destroying our economy, and importing crime, drugs and cheap labor, it will prove easier to sell Americans on the idea.   After all the cartels will already be controlling large swaths of both countries and large streams of the US economy will have been drained into Mexico.

There is one thing however that gives hope for Americans that want to migrate south.  Mexico has announced that they are not going to jump into the green energy fiasco. Obrador halted new renewable projects, shortly after taking office, mocked wind farms as “fans” that blight the landscape, and poured money into state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, including $9 billion for construction of a new refinery.  He has also unveiled plans to buy nearly 2m tons of thermal coal from small producers and plans to reactivate a pair of coal-fired plants on the Texas border, which were being wound down as natural gas and renewables took a more prominent role in Mexico’s energy mix.  A populist, Obrador is playing on Mexico’s proud history as a fossil fuel powerhouse.

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