“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  ~Edmund Burke

Franklin County Patriots


Our Vision:

The Franklin County Patriots is a peaceful, civic group with a non-partisan platform united to educate, inform and mobilize all freedom-loving patriots, giving them a voice agaisnt governmental tyranny.  Patriots will work together to restore conservative values in an effort to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness among the citizens of Franklin County and throughout our great nation.

Our Mission:

To provide like-minded citizens opportunities for united service through the formation of committees that target specific areas, such as, media, technological communication, lobbying, strategy for reaching African Americans and Hispanic communities, as well as, reaching unregistered voters.  These committees will work together, pooling their resources and talents in developing strategies that will help us fulfill our vision.

Our Core Beliefs:

We believe:

  • In God and Country and in preserving the historic, Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded.
  • Our Creator has granted us the inallienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence clearly define the role of the United States Government.
  • In limited power of the federal government based on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Our founding fathers were clear that fiscal responsibility was a key element of successful government.
  • Government power should not be used to restrict oil drilling, coal and nuclear power and that alternative energy sources should be pursued in order to be independent from foreign countries.
  • In a strong national defense, in reforming the tax system, in regaining control of our national borders and in English as our official language.


About Our Web Page Banner

History 101


Our Web Banner is not something we found on the Web and stuck up on our web site.  It was something we put together to try to symbolize what we as Tea Party Patriots and Christians believe and to remind us how we should “think and act” on the issues this nation faces today.

First, the overall back drop is the American Flag, it in itself symbolizes this nation;

  • 50 stars, one for each State. 
  • All the stars have a point facing skyward toward the heavens and God.
  • Thirteen strips to remind us of our beginnings, Thirteen original colonies that had the vision, the courage and the resolve to pursue the freedom we enjoy today.
  • The colors of the flag mean:  
    •  White – signifies purity and innocence.
    •  Red –  hardiness & valour.
    •  Blue –  signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.

On the left side is the Statue of Liberty, another strong symbol of this nation and our struggle for and achievement of Independence.

  • Torch: The torch is the strongest symbol. In fact, the statue’s real name reflects its true meaning: “Liberty Enlightening the World.”
  • Crown: The statue wears a crown with seven spikes. This represents the 7 seas and 7 continents of the world, re-enforcing the universal concept of liberty.
  • Windows of the crown: ( 25 ) Represent the heaven’s rays of light that shine over the 7 seas and continents.
  • Tablet: The statue holds a tablet in her left hand. It is a book of law based on the founding principles of this nation, a nation based on law.
  • Writing on the Tablet: The statue’s tablet contains writing on it. It is the date of America’s independence on the tablet ( JULY IV MDCCLXXVI ). They are in Roman numerals which are symbolic of law.
  • Shape of the Tablet: It is a keystone. In architecture, a keystone is the stone which keeps the others together. Without it everything would fall apart. The keystone of this nation is the fact that it is based on law. Without law, freedom and democracy would not prevail.
  • Sandals: The Statue of Liberty actually wears sandals. She is also not standing still. Even though the statue stands on a pedestal, she is actually walking ahead moving forward. This goddess is lighting the path to freedom through peace, not violence. Her footwear also suggests her stature as a free person.
  • Robe: The Statue of Liberty wears a free-flowing robe or stola, which powerfully refers to the Roman influence of the goddess, “Libertas,” which was worshipped by freed slaves.
  • Broken Chains: These chains located at the statue’s feet, symbolize the freedom that Lady Liberty has. It demonstrates that the statue is free from slavery and bondage.
  • Shields: There are shields placed on each side of the pedestal symbolizing the states in the Union.
  • Granite Brick: There are 13 layers of granite that comprise the body of the pedestal. The 13 colonies formed America in 1776.

Next, are our Founding Fathers and the documents they penned (Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) in order to give birth to this great nation.

First, these men were men of vision, all well read, particulary when it came to the Bible.  For the most part, they were men of God, even those that did not call themselves Christians, were knowledgeable of God’s law and of the God-given rights to all of mankind.

The Declaration of Independance alerted Great Britian and all the world know that the Colonists were no longer going to be ruled by oppressive governments or by corruptible men.  They had only one King………KING JESUS!

While the Constitution came after our independance was won,  it is still today the document that yet today guides this nation, makes and keeps it morally just and wholly soveriegn.  It is the law of the land and it is our cornerstone for our interaction with each other and the world.

Symbolically, the Founding Fathers are imposed on these documents to remind us that we should always look at the words and interpet them as the fathers would, and not by some modernistic interpetation of what someone “thought” they meant. 

Next, is the Bald Eagle, our national symbol, a majestic bird, and another symbol of freedom and individualism.  In our banner, the Bald Eagle represents the American people, the citizens of this nation.  The size of the eagle represents the fact that we, collectively, are a powerful force.  We are the watchmen and we must be ever vigilant in our task of defending our freedom.

You will also notice that the eagle spans from the founding document to the three branches of government and the eye of the eagle, is on our three branches of government (Executive, Judical, and Legislative).  This indicates that it is our responsibility to ensure they conduct themselves, and the business of this nation according to the vision of the Founding Fathers, their documents and principles. 

Lastly, and most importantly, between the eagle (the Amercian People) and the government is the Bible, God’s Holy Word and the law for all of his people.  As we watch our government, as they conduct our business, it must be in accordance with God’s Word and His law.


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3 comments for “About

  1. April 11, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I came across your website and noticed you reprinted one of my articles in March, “The Patriot’s Declaration of Truth” and would like to thank for printing it. I also would like to invite you and your readers to a new site I manage that was just launched a couple of weeks ago. It is http://www.stupidpoliticians.com I encourage you to go to it and send a link to all those of like mind. It is imperative we take our country back before it is too late. We must make a change November 2012 in the White House and in Congress. May God bless your efforts.

  2. July 7, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    I love your site and agree with all of it.I love that you remembered the stars point to God. Not almighty Jesus but GOD, the heavenly being that we cannot see, hear, taste or smell, the invisible master of the ominous word. I love that you understand that we Christian war makers can love peaceful Jesus AND have a shotgun AND hate his fellow man. You may be the only one that understands it. Guess what, Jesus loves America, just look in the Bible for rootbeer’s sake. Last, i love that you follow the greatest document ever, the Constitution, which says that tou cannot teach religion in public school. Those trying to get Creationism in public school are undermining our Christian sword AND the Constitution shielf of the our Feeemason fathers. You wisely know that Thomas Jefferson, a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, guided to America by Jesus, is the true father of our country. Look it up. You are the real Americans. I thank you for your rare clarity, your radical views on immigration and how it destroyed our country, which should be all Indians, and your understanding that the holy BIBLE was around even before the dinosaurs AND was first written in ENGLISH not Aramaic, AND as we all know there is a Bible on every planet in ourbsolar system. There is no Koran or Tora on Mars, but there is a Bible, praise Jesus, waiting for us. I hail to you Eagle brothers, All Seeing Eyes of the Christian American Pyramid.

  3. Jerry C
    July 12, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Mr. Whipple, Thank you for reading our site and hopefully you are receivng benefical information.
    I must say that it is (at least in my mind by my reading of the Bible) we are NOT to hate our fellow man.
    Secondly, I am not a Constitutional expert but I do not recall anywhere where it says we are not to teach religion in public school, nor does it say that we are to teach religion. I fully agree with you regarding creationism. We do believe that everyone in entitled to voice their opinion. We do believe people should take the time to research topics for themselves and form their opinion based on their beliefs and research.

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