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Got this information  from the Citizen Sentinel which is part ICaucus.  Here is the Reader’s Digest version, The Senate has confirmed Jack McConnell for U. S. District Judge.   There were objections to his nomination as he was a major player in…

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Is The “People’s” Business Getting Done?

Don’t Hold you Breath! Recent Activity from the House Floor: To Repeal Mandatory Funding Provided to Establish American Health Benefit Exchanges — Passed  238, 183, 11.   Future: Unlikely to advance in the Senate. To Repeal Manadatory Funding for Schoool-Based Health Center…

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Feudalism  has returned to farming in North America, according to the U.S.  Center for Food Safety’s report detailing the domination over American staple crops by corporations.  For the first time in  history, one company has control of the sale and…

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