America Looked Evil In The Eye and Adopted It

The event we just witnessed was far more than a general election – it was a referendum on the soul of America.   Every patriotic, pro-moral American has reason to be deeply concerned and saddened by the outcome.  Those of us who intensely prayed and worked for a different result are entitled to a time of grief for our beloved nation and what we have become.

I tremble for our country because I fear the blessings of God that made America great are being withdrawn.  For the first time in our history, a plurality of Americans voted for a party platform that intentionally omitted God and advanced many positions that the Bible specifically condemns.  Some Christian observers called the 2012 Democratic Party platform a “Romans chapter 1 Platform,” and, they were right.

We grieve like we have lost a friend or a close relative.  The America we knew has changed because the values of many Americans have changed.  Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it.  Abortion, same-sex marriage, and immorality carried the day.

Race and ethnicity overrode values.  The America we love is sick and in need of renewal and healing.  Under these circumstances – it is okay to grieve.  But, after we grieve, we must press forward.  God calls us to be faithful no matter the consequences.


Our calling and our values do not depend on a survey or an election.  Whether we are on the verge of revival or are soon to face the death chamber makes no difference in how we respond or how we act.  Our obedience is to Christ and to Christ alone.

The choices people make have consequences.   God is in control.  God is in control throughout the narrative of Deuteronomy 28 and in control in verses 1-14, where Scripture speaks of the blessings will come to a nation if that nation follows God and keeps His commandments.  And, God is in control in Deuteronomy 25:15 and following verses, where the Holy text speaks of the curses that will come for not obeying God.

At the end of the day, pendulums have a way of swinging from right to left and back again.  We will no doubt see and feel the consequences of this election.
God will not be mocked and His justice will not sleep forever!

More innocent unborn babies will die.  Marriage will come under even greater attack.  Immorality will be exalted.  Sadly, the country could easily collapse under the weight of our escalating economic debt.  Islam will be emboldened.  Our military will become weaker.  The world will become a more dangerous place.

These are the consequences that follow national actions like the one we have just witnessed.  But, when you are down, that is the time to fight all the harder.  There is nothing impossible for God.  He is calling on His people to serve Him and He will not abandon His people.

These are terribly challenging times for God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans.  Unless we take every opportunity to resist this nation’s head-long rush into godless socialism, we will soon be unable to recognize the nation we have loved and fought to preserve.

God Bless and Keep You

Mathew Staver, Liberty Council

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