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Dear Mr. Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro),

Allow me an opportunity to remind you that in our country, the United States of America,  we still have a constitutional form of government with three, coequal branches.

On April 2 2012, in a speech about the healthcare case now before the Supreme Court, you contemptuously referred to the judicial branch as “an unelected group of people” and went on to question how this “group of people” could overturn Obamacare. You then stated this law passed with the votes of a “strong majority” of congress.

Again, allowing you the benefit of the doubt, in our constitutional form of government, a bill must pass both the House and Senate to become law. While the bill received a strong majority vote in the House, (the 2008 midterm voters voiced their opinion on that one) it passed the Senate with a one-vote majority. Perhaps in Chicago one vote out of 100 is a strong majority, however, that is not the case here!

In summation, while you may detest the Constitution, and you may be contemptuous of the judicial branch and you may be frustrated by a Congress which fails to do your bidding, you are stuck with three coequal branches of government, and with checks and balances your quest for power is duly constrained.

Fear not, your loss in 2012 will free you from this untenable situation.

James Chaney, Rotonda West



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