Obama Must Be Impeached

The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

Mychal Massie

America can no longer wait.  Republicans and whatever Kennedy Democrats are left in Congress must begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama.  This man can no longer be entrusted lead the nation and act Constitutionally.

He has acted both unilaterally and in concert with Middle East policies that have opened the entire region to radical Islamists who have already seized Libya and have taken hold in Egypt.  He has nationalized American industries, he has subverted the rights of States, he has acted in concert with criminal illegal alien elements that are overrunning our country and bankrupting state infrastructures.  But it is his latest action that must force Congress to take the necessary steps to remove him.

Obama has used executive orders repeatedly to circumvent the Constitutional authority of Congress.  He has today said, he will not wait for Congress, but will issue executive orders to essentially act unilaterally to bail out homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages and to make special arrangements to help college students with tuition and student loans.

There is a reason that the Framers of the Constitution established three independent branches of government.  It was to provide checks and balances and to ensure a rogue president is unable to establish himself as a monarch or dictator.  And yet, that is exactly what Obama is doing.

He is angry that Congress will not act as he demands them – that is the prerogative of Congress.  He calls legitimate Congressional debate on issues for the purpose of acting appropriately, stalling.  It is not bad enough he has used the Oval Office to berate American citizens, he has used Congressional addresses to knowingly make up lies about our Supreme Court.  He has called press conferences and issued special invitations to Congressmen, and then berated and humiliated them before the nation for simply doing their job.

Barack Hussein Obama may have taken a Muslim name out of contempt for his American name, that is a privilege for any one embracing Islam.  But this America, not some third world oasis in  the dessert.  We are not under Sharia Law and he is not an absolute ruler or Ayatollah.  There are legitimate reasons for Congress to debate the issues he has decided to bypass them on.

He is an inexperienced, puerile, mendacious, narcissistic child devoid of character, and understanding pursuant to how business works and why America has a representative form of government.  Congress must take immediate steps to remove this person.  What else will he decide he has the right to defy Congress on?  He has openly instructed his Justice Department what laws he will arbitrarily support.  He has not only supported, but encouraged racial prejudice and criminal actions in his Justice Department by his silence and willingness to become involved in municipal police doing their job, while ignoring unambiguous racially motivated actions in his own Justice Department.

Obama is being openly disingenuous and dishonest, he is acting like a monarch.  It is up to Congress to honor the Constitution and remove this man from office.  America cannot wait.  The damage he is capable of every day we wait is too great to ignore.  We must call and write our representatives and tell them enough is enough.  We must tell them either they begin efforts to remove him or we will work to remove them next election.

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