4/17/12 FREEDOM DAY!!

Tax Freedom Day That Is !!

April 17th, 2012 was Tax Freedom Day , the day we quit working for the Federal, State and Local  Governments.  On average just over 29% of the wages we all work for, go to pay our tax bills!  In other words we all worked 109 days this year for our governments.

Lets take a brief trip down nostalgia lane,   Back in 1900  (ah, remember it like is was yesterday 🙂 ) under 6% of what we made went to the tax man, and the tax freedom day was January 22nd!

But hold on the the wallet!  In 2013, IF, our government doesn’t get it’s act together, beginning January 1st, 2013 our collective tax freedom day will come on May 1st, a FULL ONE-THIRD of the year to pay our tax bill!

By 2013 if the Federal Government, namely Congress, doesn’t act now, we will be facing what is being called Taxmageddon!  Americans will be facing a tax hike of approximately $494 Billion dollars!  Think about that, almost a half of a Trillion dollars!  That will come from ALL of  US rich and poor allike.

It is time for Congress to face the music, it is time for our elected officals,  people WE put into office to DO WHAT WE SENT THEM TO WASHINGTON TO DO!!  To take steps to bring spending under control.  To STOP wasteful spending (YOU HEAR THAT GSA!).  To implement a budget (Harry Reid) and to force all branches and agencies of the Federal Government to STICK TO IT!

Please keep this, along with other critical issues, in mind when you hear politicians talking.  We need people in office that will stop trying to sugar coat hard issues and give us straight answers to how we put this country back on track!

We simply must make the right choice for our country and our children and grandchildren this election year!  Vote for the RIGHT people instead of just “THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS”. 

The choice is ours to make.




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