Now They Want To Control Our Water Supply

Maria Otero, Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights spoke at the Woodrow Wilson Center in D.C. on the Intelligence Community Assessment of global water security.

“As Secretary Clinton has noted, perhaps no two issues are more important to human health, economic growth, and peace and security than access to basic sanitation and sustainable supplies of water.  Each day, nearly 4,000 people, mostly children under five – die from preventable diseases caused by contaminated water.  Nor surprisingly, women and girls are impacted most.”    Of course, everyone know that men don’t drink water.

“In addition to the health impacts, water will affect our ability to protect the environment, achieve food and energy security, and respond to climate change.”

You know when they start throwing out words like sustainable,  security and climate change we’re in for more government takeover.

In 2010 Hillary defined 5  specific steps that the U.S. would have to take to address this dire security problem:

  • building support for and strengthening regional mechanisms for advancing cooperation on shared waters;
  • increase and better coordinate our diplomatic efforts to raise international awareness to encourage developing countries to prioritize water and sanitation in national plans and subjects and to integrate water into global food security, health and climate change initiatives;
  • mobilize financial support; providing credit enhancements and exploring other avenues for support;
  • promote science and technology; and,
  • build and sustain partnerships.

All of this is nothing but another scare to force additional taxpayers money to go toward supporting the United Nations Agenda 21 and a means for our government to take control over our water supplies.  We’ve already seen the impact of the global warming agenda on our energy supplies and food prices.

“We will today see that the International Community Assessment confirms that this comprehensive approach by the U.S. government to manage water related challenges is exactly what is required.  The ICA reinforces our view that water is not just a human health issue, not just an economic development or environmental issue, but also a security issue.  We will ensure water issues stay at the top of our foreign policy and national security agenda.”

According to Hillary “the water crisis is a health crises, it’s a farming crisis, it’s an economic crisis, it’s a climate crisis, and increasingly, it is a political crisis.  And therefore, we must have an equally comprehensive response.”

We already know what that comprehensive response will include.  I wonder if the water police will have to share space with the food police?  GOD HELP US!

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1 comment for “Now They Want To Control Our Water Supply

  1. Pat Mantsch
    July 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Uh, it’s the Republicans who want to privatize everything, remember? Huge companies like Nestles are quietly buying water rights in small rural areas like Stanwood, MI and pumping water from their aquifers, resulting in dry wells and springs. Nestles pays $100 a year for this right and then bottles the water and sells it to the gullible public who are stupid enough to buy what comes out of their taps for free, or almost free. Then the plastic bottles become part of the islands of trash in the ocean because not everyone recycles them. Who controls water controls the world, and once again the huge corporations are on top of it and there’s nothing we can do unless the laws are changed to disallow buying water rights.

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