Handing U.S. Sovereignty To The U.N. One Treaty At A Time

The U.S. is the only industrial country in the world that has had enough sense not to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS).  

For more than 200 years the U.S. has successfully preserved and protects its navigational rights and freedoms by relying on naval operations, diplomatic protests and customary international law.  Customary international law existed long before UNCLOS and includes principles of freedom of navigation and overflight on the high seas, innocent passage through territorial waters and passage rights through international straits and archipelagos.  UNCLOS does not confer any maritime right or freedom that the U.S. doesn’t already have.

What this UN Treaty would implement is:  

  • An international regime of laws to dictate activities on or in the world’s oceans;
  • New environmental regulations;
  • New taxes on mining of the ocean floor;
  • Force U.S. to release its hold on miles and miles of natural resources;
  • Transfer of royalties on oil and gas discoveries to an international bureaucracy in charge of redistributing the wealth;
  • A compromise of our nation’s maritime security; and,
  • An irreversible loss of American sovereignty to the United Nations.

If ever ratified, it would be the first time in America’s history that an international agency would possess taxing authority, requiring the US Treasury to transfer tens, if not hundreds, of billions of taxpayer funds to an unaccountable international organization located in Jamaica that would, in turn, redistribute the money to countries with interest that do not conform to U.S. interests. 

Ratification would empower  left-wing environmentalist world wide to bring action against the U.S. for violating the Kyoto Protocol, a global warming scam cooked up by Socialists to transfer America’s wealth to other countries,  even though the U.S. is not party to it.  

Ratification would bar our Navy from using waterways for defense or military purposes, thwarting America’s interests worldwide.

The treaty has  been languishing unapproved for years, soundly rejected by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 as a threat to American sovereignty, but entertained by the George W. Bush administration.  Obama, in his socialist push toward a world government, also wanted it ratified.

There are several other treaties that both Hillary and Obama are pushing.  One is U.S. membership in the International Criminal Court which would put international law over U.S. law.   The U.S. would not even be able to declare war without permission – and I’m not talking about getting permission from our own Congress.   The International Criminal Court would also be able to use the U.S. military to enforce its rulings and wage war against those countries it deems “war criminals.”  Another treaty is the Outer Space Code of Conduct which would prevent the U.S. from implementing any type of anti-missile shield to protect itself.   There is also the U.N. Small Arms Treaty which could prevent gun ownership in the U.S. and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child which would destroy parental rights.



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