June Patriots Meeting

Our meeting is scheduled for June 25th, 2012

At the same location, the large upstaris meetings room at the Franklin County Public Library

Time will be 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM

Our Special quest will be: Pastor Gary Hollandworth who will be presenting “The Faith of Our Founding Fathers”. 

Only though an understanding of how this great nation was founded can we set the true path for the future.

Please make every effort to attend.

Invite  your friends and Family!


See you there!!

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2 comments for “June Patriots Meeting

  1. Jamin Enquist
    June 6, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    really sorry I miss this! whens the next one.

  2. Mitch Bupp
    June 23, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Hello fellow patriots! I live here in Franklin County where the real estate tax reassessment seems to be a stacked deck. Did you know that Wampler and Eanes used a commercial property as part of the “base sales” to determine the basis of the assessed value in tax map area 015. The property is the fourth building up from The Hales Ford Bridge at 16475 Booker T Washington Highway and it is currently occupied by a real estate office. This qualifying property sale was $700,000 and the most expensive on the list I obtained from Wampler when we appealed my mothers tax assessment in November. They used 9 properties to reasses all of 015 tax map area. This property is the most expensive on the list and only two other properties sold for more than $290,000. One at $475K and another at $345K yet she did not see a significant reduction in her real estate taxes.

    While I am sure we disagree on some issues I would bet this is one we can agree on that this tax reassessment is wrong and if commercial property was used throughout the county then all property owners are getting screwed. My mother lives on Lakemont Drive.

    PS, I also have a copy of parts of the TPP which were leaked on June 13th which is another whole another issue giving up US sovernignty. I will email it to you if you ask.

    Mitch Bupp, independent American

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