The Difference Between the Horse and the Jackass


Do you think the Romney’s are selfish for owning a horse?

Let’s Explore.

  • The horse needs a groomer, the groomer works to support his family.
  • The horse needs feed which is purchased from a business.
  • The business has employees, and all have families to support.
  • The feed is manufactured and then transported in trucks to the business.
  • The manufacturer, employees and the truck drivers have  families to support.
  • The manufacturer buys from the farmer to produce the feed, and the farmer has a family to support.


  • The Romney’s had a barn built by construction workers to house the horse.
  • The construction workers also have families to support.
  • The construction crew bought the materials from a business which were purchased from another business, all having families to support.

Sounds like to me that this one horse has put more Americans to work than the jackass in the White House.





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  1. September 25, 2012 at 9:27 am

    really good post. i will link to this at my blog.

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