Jews Should Abandon Obama as Obama has Abandoned Israel

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Mitt Romney had an interesting, controversial and completely ignored line during his speech at the Republican National Convention. Mitt said, “Obama has thrown Israel under the bus.” Mitt knew something the rest of us didn’t. The story is shocking — as much for the betrayal of one of our strongest allies as for the timing.

Obama has gone rogue. As I’ve said for 3½ years, President Obama is no friend of Israel. But I thought his betrayal would be timed for sometime after the election — perhaps on a quiet Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday weekend. The fact he has openly thrown Israel under the bus before the election is a disturbing sign for Jews (and for all Americans who support the right of our longtime friend and ally, Israel, to exist). Can you imagine what Obama is capable of after the Presidential election if he never again has to answer to Jewish voters?

On Thursday, Aug. 30, TIME Magazine disclosed that U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey told reporters in London, “I don’t want to be complicit,” if Israel chooses to conduct a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. No top general would ever say anything like that without orders from the White House. Those are clearly Obama’s words, not Dempsey’s.

Even louder than the words are the actions of the Obama Administration. TIME reports that a U.S.-Israeli joint war games exercise was postponed several months ago to show Obama’s displeasure over Israel’s plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. After being rescheduled for this fall, it has suddenly been scaled back drastically. TIME reports that “well-placed sources” in both countries have confirmed that the Obama Administration has slashed more than two-thirds the number of U.S. troops participating, decided not to send crews to operate Patriot anti-missile systems and will either cut in half or entirely eliminate the ballistic missile defense warships involved in the exercise.

A senior Israeli official told TIME the message the Obama Administration is sending is, “We don’t trust you.” I would contend the Israeli official is being very diplomatic. The real message is much more brutal: “Good luck, Israel. You are on your own.”

Everyone in the Obama Administration is aware that an attack by Israel on Iran requires the latest “bunker buster” bombs provided only by the U.S. military. Israel also knows that a pre-emptive strike on Iran (to save itself from the holocaust promised by Iran as soon as it has nuclear capabilities) will result in retaliation from both Iran and Hezbollah. With more than 40,000 missiles aimed at Israel from nearby Lebanon, Israel needs not only missile shields, but also military help from the U.S. to protect her civilian population and her very survival.

Even worse, the X-band radar system in the Israeli desert aimed at Iran and linked to Israel’s anti-missile systems to warn Israel of incoming missiles is manned by and controlled by U.S. military personnel. Without cooperation from the U.S. military, Israel is literally flying blind. The ability to save Israeli civilian lives and shoot down incoming missiles is in the hands of Barack Obama. And his message is clear, “We don’t have your back.”

Given the cold shoulder Obama has given Israel since his inauguration, it is not a major shock that he is the first U.S. President to refuse to help Israel defend her citizens and national security. What is a major shock is his showing in no uncertain terms his bias against Israel’s right to defend herself before the election.

The question is: Why? Obviously, first is Obama’s true, radical nature — he is no friend of Israel. Second, Obama had no choice but to abandon Israel now. As I’ve predicted publicly for months now, Israel is assured of no help after the election (if Obama is re-elected and no longer has to face Jewish voters ever again). Therefore, Israel’s best option is to order the attack before the U.S. election, when Obama’s distaste for Israel may be overcome by his desperate need for Jewish votes and Jewish donors to remain in power. Netanayu undoubtedly told Obama that he has reached the same decision.

Boxed into a corner, Obama is now doing all in his power to stop the air strike now, stalling it until after the election. And, of course, we all know Obama loves to please Russian President Putin. Rumors from sources in both Washington and Moscow report that Putin has asked Obama to handcuff Israel. We all heard Obama tell the Russians: “Sit tight and give me space, this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Unfortunately, it’s now clear one of those “flexible items” is to abandon Israel.

As a Jew and a lifelong supporter of Israel, I would ask my fellow Jews to think long and hard at the voting booth on Nov. 6. Perhaps it is time to consider whether the historic voting patterns of Jews on behalf of the Democratic Party are in the best interests of the Jewish people? Is a vote for Obama a vote condemning Israel to become a sitting duck in the name of liberal U.S. politics or political correctness? Even more importantly, is voting for Obama over social issues or a woman’s right to choose worth risking another Holocaust?

My conclusion: It’s time for Jews to abandon Obama the same way Obama has abandoned Israel.

And this late-breaking news just in from an Israeli newspaper: sources quoting the fact that Obama went through back channels (EU nations) to give the message to Iran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the message was to Iran — our enemy and Israel’s enemy — a madman with nuclear ambitions (Ahmadinejad) who has stated publicly time and again his goal is to wipe out every Jew in the world and destroy Israel. The back channel message from our President to Iran — a rogue, terrorist nation — was that we do not have Israel’s back and that Iran should not even think of attacking U.S. interests or military installations because we will not be part of the attack, we will not be supporting Israel in any way. Can you imagine?

This is like FDR going through back channels to tell Adolf Hitler that we will not have England’s back, so go ahead and attack Britain. But don’t attack the USA because we are not on the same team. Can you even imagine this is happening in our country? It’s time for Jews to abandon Obama the same way Obama has abandoned Israel and teach the Democratic Party a lesson.

God Bless.

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