A Politically Incorrect Assessment Of 9/11

Eleven years ago this month, 19 Muslim hijackers boarded four American jetliners and proceeded to kill about 3000 innocent human beings. Women, babies, and children all died  in a series of fiery explosions, or jumped to their deaths as a result of this action.We were told eventually that this was an attack by radical Muslims against the United States. We obviously had not heeded the the warning of the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. This time, “they” succeeded in bringing down the towers (and America’s false sense of security with it.)

We watched on television as people in the World Trade Center jumped to their deaths from the upper floors of the twin towers or face burning to death.We watched as their bodies seem to float forever before landing with a loud thud on the roofs of the ground floor buildings surrounding the towers, or as they hit the pavement. When the television crews finally realized what they, and America, were witnessing, they pulled the camerashot back out of range so that the bodies could no longer be seen falling. I remember saying to no one in particular, “my God, we’re at war.” We found ourselves involved in two wars, one in Iraq that I feel was an honest mistake based on faulty intelligence, and in Afghanistan that has lasted nine years and six months too long! We thought we were helping those people, and yet, to this day, they kill our soldiers with no thought of gratitude and no remorse. We need to leave those people to themselves. Bring everyone of our troops home, and leave not a single one behind.

Our current President insists that we “coddle” the Muslim detainees that we or our allies have captured fighting us.  These detainees are currently lodged in a multimillion dollar facility in Cuba called Guantanamo Bay. They have all the best amenities that American taxpayers can buy, including special meals tailored to their Muslim beliefs. No “enhanced interrogation” to get information, no matter how urgent the situation may be. No mean treatment at all; after all, we wouldn’t want them to treat our people badly. News flash, Mr. Obama: these savages have been treating their enemies badly for over five thousand years.

I wouldn’t give those prisoners in Cuba ANYTHING special! They would work all day making repairs or additions to Guantanamo Bay; after all, idle hands are the devil’s tools. They would eat MRE’s, or they would starve to death. Domestic Muslims who are caught plotting terrorist acts against the United States and are imprisoned here would eat the same food as regular prisoners. No special favors, no special treatment, nothing. No beards in court, and the same dress code as everyone else.

No Sharia law ever, in any situation! Honor killings are death penalty offenses, period! No judge’s discretion, no leeway, no loopholes. If Muslims don’t want their children or relatives to become Americanized, then DON”T BRING THEM HERE! The Council on American Islamic Relations needs to be shut down and its officials indicted and tried as enemies of the United States. (They already are an unindicted conspirator for laundering and funneling money to terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.) This organization would already have been tried if we had a pro-American Justice Department.

The Democratic National Convention revealed the influence that Muslims are already using to turn the party against Israel and the Jews. Watch the video of the vote to reinstate God and Jerusalem into the party platform. The Muslims were very angry! Good luck keeping your big tent approach when you have two mortal enemies vying for influence within your party. My point is this: 95% of the terrorist acts that have been committed in the last thirty years were committed by Muslims. So why are we bowing down to bad behavior in our country?

Mr. Obama, my dad did not join the military during World War 2 to bow and scrape to everyone on earth who hates us. We have given too much of our blood and national treasure, our time, and benevolence to kowtow to anyone! We are Americans! If anyone wishes to come here and contribute to our culture, then all are welcome; but if you come here to try to harm or change our America, then GO HOME. We will remember those who died on 9/11/2001, but will also remember who committed those crimes. The Jews have a saying, “NEVER AGAIN”, and if we can prevent another 9/11 with God’s help, then NEVER AGAIN! Mr. Obama, if you don’t want to protect our people, then we will do the best we can to do it for you.

By the way, Mr. Obama, if you don’t feel that honoring our national anthem is important, then why don’t you resign NOW and let a real American be President? Adieu. Source: impeachobamacampaign

“Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” –William Penn





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