Obamanomics: The Hidden Bread Lines

Americans are already facing sticker shock – at the gas station and at the grocery store.  But hold on to  your hats because it will  get worse thanks to Obamanomics.

Due to QE3 and other Keynesian stimulus atrocities, as well as this year’s drought and crop failures,  Americans may soon long for the day of Jimmy Carter’s 21% inflation.

America is in a depression.  The only reason the government achieves any plausible deniability with their assertions that “the economy is improving” is by comparing the obvious visuals:  we don’t have bread lines like they did in the 1930s.  They are right we don’t, at least have bread lines you can see.  The bread lines of today are hidden electronically.   Food stamp recipients are now issued a “debit type card” to pay for their groceries.

At least 47 million American families are on are food stamps.   When Obama removed the work requirement from welfare, the filing for food stamps almost doubled.  In a country that is broke and just digitally printing money whenever they need it, that is a recipe for mass death.

The cost of the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” as it is now called, for the fiscal year ending in September is $76 billion, more than double the cost of four years ago.

  • In the last 4 years the number of participants has increased by 64.7% and the cost of food stamps has risen by 170%.
  • Since 2000 the number of participants is up 170% and the cost of food stamps has risen by 395%.

Obama claims that unemployment is only 8.1%.  Conveniently, that leaves out all those who no longer look for work.  The real unemployment rate is closer to 22% or higher.

Obama claims that under his reign American has added 4.6 million jobs, a number that can easily be disputed.  For arguments sake, let’s say 4.6 million jobs were created – the majority of those  jobs would have had to be lower paying jobs, because median  household income has been reduced by $3,960.   If  4.6 million jobs were created, why has long term unemployment risen 87%?  If 4.6 million jobs were created why is the black unemployment rate at 16.3%.  If 4.6 million jobs were created, why are 53% of recent college graduates jobless or underemployed?

Progressives have overloaded the welfare system to the point of no return which is exactly what they wanted.  People want jobs and dignity.  They want to raise their families and have a good life and a prosperous future.  Slavery and poverty are not part of that equation and that is what unemployment and food stamps are.  Both have been pushed and implemented by Progressives.

When people get hungry, they get violent and riots ensue allowing the government to come in and forcefully subdue the masses.  Then they can institute the real “change”.  You see it throughout history.  This is what Progressives want – a “transformed” America that the elite control.

No jobs + no food = violence.    It is a fuse Socialist have been trying to light since Obama took office.

Are you really better off now than you were 4 years ago?

  • In 2009 the number of unemployed Americans stood at 12.05 million – today that figure is 12.54 million – up 495,000.
  • In 2009 the unemployment rate was 7.8% – today the government “approved” rate is 8.1% – up 3.8 %.
  • In 2009 long term unemployment was 2.7 million – today it stands at 5 million – up 87%.
  • In 2009 average middle class income was $54,962 – today it is  $51,002 – a drop of $3,960.
  • In 2009 gas prices averaged  $1.85 per gallon – today It averages  $3.86 – up 107%.
  • In 2009 average home values were $169,700 – today it is $151,600 – down 11%.
  • In 2009 health insurance cost were $3,354 – today it is $4,129 – up 23%.
  • In 2009 average College tuition stood at $6,591 – today it is $8,244 – up 25%.
  • In 2009 the number of Americans in poverty were 39.8 million – today that figure is 46.2 million – up 6.4 million.
  • In 2009 the number of food stamp recipients were 32 million – today it is 47 million – up 46%.
  • In 2009 the Consumer Price Index was 211.1 – today it is 230.4 – up 9.1%.
  • In 2009 the Federal Debt was $16.6 trillion – today it is $16 trillion – up 51%.
  • In 2009 debt per person was $34,731 – today it is $51,037 – up $16,306.
  • In 2009 the U.S. Global Competitiveness stood in First Place – today we stand in 7th place – a drop of 6 places in 4 years.

This is now personal for each and every one of us, whether you have a job or not.   November 6 is the most important day in our lifetime.  If Romney wins, things will improve, even though it will not be a walk in the park.  If Obama wins, it will be a stroll in hell.  The choice is yours!

Source: NoisyRoom.net, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton and Senator John Thune


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