America Voted For Gridlock

Sorry Liberals, Tuesday’s election did not change our core principles or values or our determination.  America is worth fighting for and we’re here to stay.    For those of us who believe that America is the greatest nation on earth, we will mourn another 4 years  of Obama but the loss of one battle does not end the war.

Christians and Conservatives wanted someone to champion our values but what we got from the Republican  elite was another hand-picked weak candidate that couldn’t decide which side of the fence he wanted to be on.  Romney was not a conservative, no matter how hard he played the card and his term as governor of Massachusetts disproved, in many instances, that he was even a moderate.    When will the GOP elite learn?

While we might not be able to stop Obama’s left tilt,  we can stop the RINO sell-outs from rolling over and playing dead like they have the last 4 years.  The House controls the purse strings and it’s time they  grew a spine.   RINOs  may not like us but we are not going away – we’ve got your number!

Tuesday election changed nothing.   Republicans still control the House,  liberals still  control the Senate and the executive office is held by someone who holds America in disdain.

Obama will continue his leftist policy agenda,  more small businesses will close, more jobs will be lost,  the welfare roles will grow,  homosexuals will continue to push for the destruction of American families, abortionist will continue to murder innocent unborn babies,  illegal immigrants will continue to cross our borders,  our enemies will continue making fools of us,  the deficit and debt will continue to rise,  the Justice department will continue to  ignore federal laws it disagrees with,   the war against oil, natural gas and coal will continue, and Obama will continue to ignoring the Legislative branch while dumping untold taxpayer dollars down a “green” hole.

Welcome to 4 more years of gridlock.


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