A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Mychal Massie

The truth is a hard thing to hear and even a more bitter pill to swallow. But until we face the truth, we are doomed to sink lower into the abyss as a society. The truth is that a godless nation is a nation doomed to fall.

We as a nation have slowly accepted and pompously come to believe that wisdom begins and stems from us. Secularism is the view that all things religious should be excluded from daily public living, specifically pertaining to political and social concerns.

Thanks to secularism, the mindset today is that God and religious opinion should be relegated to a church on Sunday morning. Courts have ruled with increasing frequency that, depending on the circumstances, religion has no place in the home.

The created have determined they are above the Creator. Dennis Fisher writes: “Every age has its own thoughts, ideas, and values that influence the culture, ‘the spirit of the age.’ It is the kind of growing consensus that morally lulls us to sleep, gradually causing us to accept society’s latest values. This is the world’s peer pressure – a satanically inspired system of values and ideas that cultivates a lifestyle that is independent of God.” (The Spirit Of The Age; ODB.org; 12/3/12)

In my article “No Foundations, No Future” I quoted I wrote “I defer to Thomas Jefferson, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” WND.com; 7/22/03)

An expanded understanding of Jefferson’s words is that government reflects the mores of society. We have become a humanist society and our government reflects same.

We blame Obama’s reelection on fraud and people who want something for nothing – but we overlook and reject the truth that we are responsible for creating the environment, going back perhaps a century or more, that would allow for his kind to achieve positive notoriety.

We have become tolerant of every form of debauchery and corruption because humanism and secularism have replaced righteousness and accountability.

The meaning of religion has been changed. It no longer has to do with a believer’s good works – today people claim themselves religious based on their idea of same and equate it with Salvation. This is a tragic and personally damning form of reasoning that views church as a reliquary for those foolish enough to believe God created all, is over all, and that salvation is through Jesus Christ alone.

We are filled with pride, and we believe ourselves to be wise and able to govern without God. Which I argue is what brought us to where we are today. We learned nothing from Rome and Greece of the past.

History is replete with examples of societies placing their wisdom above the wisdom of God and the embracing of immoral and Erebusic behavior. But America has been led to believe we can succeed by embracing the decadent lifestyles and failed government models of Europe of the past.

The government today has become a poisonous filaria, and we are the mammals from which it is deriving its sustenance.

Many are ashamed to stand up publicly for the truth of scripture. Venerable Christian groups that for decades stood rooted and grounded on the Word of God are today preaching a message of capitulation to sin and debauchery. Church leaders are preaching damnable messages that are leading people astray.

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