Bob McDonnell; Is He Really That Biblically Illiterate?


Mychal Massie

William Murray writes that the Virginia Gov., Republican Bob McDonnell, pronounced that Obama is “an appointed minister of God to do what is good.”(see footnote).  McDonnell’s remarks were made at the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast held at the Richmond, Virginia, convention center.

Obama may be “an appointed minister of [god],” but his god has cloven hooves.

No appointed minister of the Triune God supports partial birth abortion. No true minister of the Triune God we worship fought to legitimize allowing babies who are “born-alive abortion victims” to be left to die excruciating deaths in metal delivery room trays.

While a state Senator in Illinois, Obama refused to support SB1095, which [created] a cause of action for harm or neglect that comes to a child “born-alive” after a labor-induced abortion. Add to that his “no” vote on SB1661, also part of the “Abortion Alive Protection Act,” which created the “Induced Birth Infant Liability Act.” (Darth Democrat; Mychal Massie; 11/16/04) Someone please explain to me where the “good” is in that.

No minister who has been appointed for good by the Triune God we serve supports and advocates the practice of homosexuality, and it goes without saying that he does not promote and support same-sex marriage. No minister of good, having achieved the level of authority he has, refuses to enforce the laws of the land that he swore a solemn oath to defend and enforce, specifically the Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.). And no minister appointed for good by the Triune God we serve has the rumors of his sexual preferences swirling about him.

No minister appointed by the God we serve not only advocates the teaching of homosexual sex education for grades K-5, much less appoints people to his cabinet who themselves hold radical sexual beliefs.

No appointed minister of the Triune God we serve holds the Neo-Leninist views Obama does that are antithetical to the God of scripture.

Murray writes that McDonnell also “prayed for Obama’s wife Michelle and his two girls to have normalcy.”

I would argue that McDonnell should have prayed Obama’s wife would be convicted by the Spirit of God to repent of her virulent bigotry and contempt for whites.

As for Obama’s daughters I do not disagree that they need prayer. They need prayer that they will turn from the evil their father and mother espouse and practice. They need protection from the beliefs of their father who has many times publicly said he wants abortion and sexual awareness to be available for them. They need prayer that they will not follow the examples set by their mother who falsified their status, listing them as senior as “senior staffers” in order to justify their African vacation and safari and to defraud the taxpayers of America in a time of near unparalleled unemployment and suffering.

There are a lot of things McDonnell could have prayed, but I submit none of them should have included what he did pray. I would have prayed that the Obamas would come face to face with the Living God, and that God would reveal what awaits them in eternity if they do not turn from their evil and repent of their sin. Regarding their daughters, I would have prayed that despite what their parents are like, they turn to Christ. Because William Murray is a testimony to God’s willingness to even use children with parents like theirs.

The scripture says that we know those who serve God by their fruit. The fruit we see from the Obamas is sour grapes, envy, the fomenting of racial discord, bitterness, ad nauseum; none of which is the fruit of the Spirit spoken of in Scripture.

Pursuant to McDonnell’s heretical idiocy he should he should spend time in the Word of God — maybe then he wouldn’t say such ridiculous things.

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