Another 4 years of Obama means More Power To Islamists

With Obama’s inauguration for his reelection, many people are exalting him as another Martin Luther King Jr., and a voice for social equality. But is this event really worth celebration? No. Obama’s policies has only made the West lose control of the Middle East, and this will only lead to the formation of an Islamic state.

With Egypt and Libya now gone, and the confidence of the jihadist on account of Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood still alive and well, the Islamist plague continues to arise in other countries.

In Jordan right now, we are seeing the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood which is foreshadowing a repeat of what took place in Egypt. The toppling of Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya, and the extremely violent revolution occurring in Syria, is currently empowering the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood to fight to take over Jordan.

Julien Barnes-Dacey of the European Council on Foreign Relations said that there is

the risk of spillover jihadist violence from Syria, as well as the rise of Muslim Brotherhood influence in both Egypt and Syria potentially emboldening Jordan’s own Brotherhood to articulate more radical demands, and there is some concern of instability in Jordan.

Many Jordanians have joined the Jihadist fight in Syria. The foreign majority of the terrorist organization, Jabhat al-Nusra, which is heavily involved in Syria, are Jordanian and Iraqi. Once these battled hardened fighters return to their homes in Jordan, they will begin to partake in Islamist activities, and will demand for a nation controlled under Sharia.

Here is a recent video that shows just how fundamentalist these rebels really are; the man in the film is armed with a scimitar and proclaiming how he and his fellow jihadist are going to decapitate their enemies:

Moreover, Syrian immigration to Jordan will pose a threat to the nation. According to U.N. figures, some 183,000 Syrian refugees have already settled in the country. These will be involved in causing a cultural shift, in which a desire for Sharia will be increased, and favor for the Muslim Brotherhood will grow larger.

Also, the fact that Syria is bordered on Jordan means that jihadist fighting for the revolution against Assad will happily use Jordan as a base. A jihadi victory in Syria, added to the successful revolutions in Libya and Egypt, would only end up with an emboldened Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. This is why the Jordanian government is now wishing for a failed Syrian revolution and for Assad to remain.

According to one news source:

the [Jordanian] kingdom fears the continued rise of Brotherhood groups in the Arab world, and it dreads that once the current regime is overthrown, Syria would join this new Islamist alliance.

The Jordanian government is not only worried about a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Syria, but also foreign nations intervening in the revolution in favor of a jihadist victory. Top Jordanian officials conducted several meetings in which they discussed

“some Gulf states’ concern over the level of regional intervention in Syria in favor of its accession to extremist alliances.”

These signifies that the European and American assistance to the Syrian revolution is only helping our very enemies.

If Syria goes down, Arab nationalism will be weaker than it has ever been, leaving Islamic universalism the dominant force in the Middle East. And if Jordan is taken by this Islamic plague, then there will be nothing left for Arab nationalism to cling to, and the entire region will be the soon-to-be members of an Islamic confederacy.

Another source tells us that

any prospective influence of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood will have a direct impact on Jordan’s Brotherhood, and thus raise the ceiling of their reform demands, especially their call to undermine the powers of King Abdullah II.

We also cannot consider the attack in Algeria with little concern. The death count after the Islamist siege of a natural gas plant in Algeria has now exceeded past 23. It was orchestrated by Al-Qaeda operative Mokhtar Belmokhtar in support of jihadists who wish to make the west African country of Mali into a sharia state. Belmokhtar said

We are ready to negotiate with the West and the Algerian government provided they stop their bombing of Mali’s Muslims.

The jihadist incursion was then a response to the French, who are now bombing Islamist strongholds in Mali in order to prevent the jihadist from using the African country’s vast desert area to launch attacks into the West. This reveals that there is a coordinated effort by Islamist throughout the Muslim world to establish a caliphate and destroy Western civilization.

We also cannot forget Iraq. Now with Saddam gone, and American presence withdrawn, Iraq is almost in the state of entire anarchy. Here is a recently leaked video showing a jihadist shooting an Iraqi officer with a silenced pistol:

Click here to watch video

source: walidshoebat



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