Let’s face it; Obama’s a Failure for the U.S.

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The only person happier than Lance Armstrong last week was President Obama.

The bewildering, insane behavior of manufactured Notre Dame football hero, Manti Te’o,  pushed the odious and criminal behavior of Armstrong completely out of the news cycle and dealt another blow to the floundering Oprah Winfrey network, which she’ll likely blame on George Bush.  In much the same way a lunatic’s slaughter of innocent children allowed Obama to push his unfathomable failures with respect to the economy off the back burner and into the reefer, we were presented a re-run all too reminiscent of how he and Mrs. Clinton managed to bury their ineptitude and criminal behavior regarding Benghazi.  With full knowledge that the media would enable him to run another misdirection play with impunity, Obama grabbed the opportunity to divert attention away from the house of cards he and marionettes Little Timmy Geithner and Big Ben Bernanke call economic policy and promptly started a forest fire by establishing executive orders for guns in utter defiance of Constitutional proscription.

US aircraft have to avoid bombing known Islamic strongholds because of the propensity of those cowards to hide themselves in schools, orphanages, and hospitals, and there was the president on Wednesday, presenting his illicit gun control orders using children as props to shield himself from criticism. Apparently, using kids for protection is a Muslim thing.

Earlier last week the administration floated a gas balloon (not to be confused with Joe Biden) stating that it intended to hear all sides of the arguments against Second Amendment infringement and within a matter of 48 hours, Voila!  The president laid down 23 executive orders which not only violate the separation of powers, violate HIPPA by requiring doctors to share patient information with the government, violate Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the US Constitution forbidding ex post facto law, notwithstanding the violation of writing law from the Oval Office, immediately after lying about the administration giving the matter lengthy consideration.  Reality says a battery of compliant lawyers created these gross distortional interpretations of the Constitution at the beginning of Obama’s administration, held them in abeyance in Microsoft Word, and awaited the order to “print.”  What fraud.

Meanwhile, 54,000 citizens in Mexico City signed a petition for greater gun control in the United States and the toadies in media outlets reported that insult along with a similar admonishment from China, as if either had merit.  Time for an honest discussion.  China is a country with a list of human rights abuses as long as the Great Wall, and Mexico is so corrupt it makes the days of the Wild, Wild West seem like an afternoon tea with the Queen, so why is it of any journalistic importance what citizens of those two hell-holes think?

And despite creating a financial house on the verge of implosion, the smug Nancy-boy side of Obama’s manipulative personality could not resist the beggarly reference suggesting that the fiscal responsibility upon which conservatives insist is like “holding a gun to America’s head.”  My God, and I don’t mean Allah, the man is a drama queen with dominatrix tendencies.  Nobody within his coterie of serfs or anyone from across the aisle has the brass to tell him the constituency is not comprised of subjects, and the conservative movement, which allows the president to constantly define it, sits idly as if it has no strategy to counteract his childish slurs and hyperbole. Is there not ONE conservative advisor who made the debate team?

It seems as if we’ve endured an entire second term of Obama since the corrupt election in November, and unfortunately are only about to experience part deux of this debacle once he goes through the pomp of inauguration.  If his profound arrogance was opprobrious with another term at stake, how is he going to behave when he has nothing to lose?  Due to bumbling ineptitude by the poltroons in the Republican hierarchy Obama now holds odds similar to those of casino owners in Las Vegas. The only silver lining with this administration is that it finally might have overplayed its hand, and though Republicans still appear clueless, true patriots are finally and vociferously demanding action.

You see, gun talk made us all forget “trillions”, a term irresponsible politicians toss around as if it was pocket change.  Here’s how our country’s finances look when transitioned to a household:

Income:  $21,700.00

Household Budget:  $38,200.00 (hmmmmm)

Amount Needed to Put On Credit Card to Meet Insane Budget:  $16,500.00

Amount Already Owed On Credit Card:  $164,710.00.

The multi-generational recipient of government sops believes the supply of money to be endless and has the means to vote for freebies as long as they can remain sober or straight long enough to pull the desired lever in the voting booth.  I would like to see voters pass an idiot test before being allowed to vote, notwithstanding the need to pass a drug test.  Someone brighter than I once asked, “Why should I have to pass a drug test to keep my job when you don’t have to pass one to receive the benefits for which I pay and that you receive for free?”  And, no, I don’t really care whose sensibilities that observation offends.

In this day of acronyms, I have created my own that I will persist in promoting.  If we can live in a world of MPG, FBI, CIA, KGB, IRS, DUI, LOL, BFF, and NASCAR, just to name a few, it’s time to address the LIQV:  the Low I.Q. Voter.  Asking for someone to have more than a room temperature IQ is not disenfranchisement; instead, it protects the integrity of the vote and a modicum of intellectual capacity should be displayed in order to exercise such a solemn right.  Moreover, if one cannot fly on an airplane without proper ID, they should not be allowed to vote without credentials.  And, if you do not believe our country possesses the technological capability to monitor voter fraud, guess again.  Here’s a news bulletin for those in Never-Never-Land:  the NSA knows what type of pizza you order whether it’s online or called in.  I’m pretty sure the infrastructure exists to enforce one vote per person.

Though he is worshipped as all false idols, Paul Krugman, the “esteemed” economics professor from Princeton who has had 750 propaganda-filled columns appear in the New York Times, is a schnook upon whom the current administration can always rely for another reworking of failed Keynesian policies promoting a statist ideology.  Nobody with an ounce of common sense can look at the income statement above and take seriously the “highly credentialed” Krugman’s suggestion that the highest marginal tax rate will cure our financial ills if raised to 91% and government spending INCREASES even more.

Consider this irony:  Michelle Obama loves the United States now that her husband is ruling it, while nearly half of all Americans are now ashamed of what it’s become.

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