Truth and The Constitution Be Damned!

gunWhen it comes to discussing the Second Amendment, ultra liberal control freaks check their sanity at the door, along with whatever reason they may have once possessed.  The truth and the Constitution be damned.

Rather than enforce existing laws, they prefer to hit law abiding gun owners over the head with legislation that will not control anything except law-abiding citizens.

“Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new  released  gun-ban proposal   –  The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013,  would upgrade an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and   outlaw ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.    She said the goal of her gun ban proposal is to “dry up the supply of these weapons over time.   These massacres don’t seem to stop,” the California Democrat lamented, listing notorious rampages of past years known by the lone name of their locations — Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Tucson and Oak Creek.

And yet during this all this liberal hype and lies to disarm American citizens,  the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Crime Statistics annual report states that the reality of gun-related violence is not as the mainstream and US government purports it to be.   The FBI report says that there were only 445 deaths attributed to rifles in 2005.  In 2006 that number was 438.  While the statistical data fluctuates, in 2011 there were   323 murders associated with rifles.  It appears that clubs, hammers, knives  and fists are more deadly than rifles, at least according to the FBI.

Aside from inflated perceptions about guns, the FBI reports that more Americans have registered for National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) back-ground checks related to gun purchases; with as estimated 2.78 million and a 39% rise over tallies taken in November 2012.

It is easy for anyone with an ounce of common sense to see that this  is not about stopping criminals from obtaining guns.  Criminals do not obey laws – hence the word criminal.     Does anyone believe that criminals and your assorted “nuts” are going to say ‘I can’t do this – it is against the law?’

Feinstein’s bill  would stop  “the sale, manufacture and importation of 158 specifically named military-style firearms and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.   It would also ban an additional group of assault weapons that accept detachable ammunition magazines and have at least one military characteristic,” according to the Huffington Post.

There would also be an initiative of forcing Americans to register their guns with the federal government, essentially giving the  federal government authority to confiscate weapons that were identified in violent acts, whether real or perceived.

The NFA will also collect taxes of an estimated $200 per gun purchased as well as force owners to file their fingerprints, photograph, address with the government.

Gun owners would also have to have  permission before taking the gun across state lines.

Guns could not be sold privately or passed down to heirs. The owner would relinquish their gun to the US government upon death.

It would prohibit semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine and have at least one military feature,  such as a pistol grip.

The Weekly Standard confirms other reports by stating, “if the proposed legislation becomes law, government officials and others will be exempt.”  “Mrs. Feinstein’s measure would exempt more than 2,200 types of hunting and sporting rifles; guns manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action; and weapons used by government officials (including herself), law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel,” the Washington Times reports.

What about background checks for all politicians?  Lord knows, if any one bunch of criminals need it – they do.

If gun control is going to prevent “criminals” from obtaining guns,  why do government officials, and your assorted far left  nuts need special exemption and armed protection?   After all,  it was  Obama who said in his second inaugural address, that   “all men are created equal.”   If that is true why are liberals so willing to pass laws that exempt themselves?   Are their lives or the lives of their families of more value than ours?

Multiple firearms were illegally used to protect  Media Matters founder  David Brock  and were  purchased  with his blessing — and apparently with the group’s money in Maryland and paid for with cash so no one would know they had bought them.   “He had more security than a Third World dictator,” one employee said,  explaining that Brock’s bodyguards would rarely leave his side, even  accompanying him to his home in an affluent Washington neighborhood each night  where they “stood post” to protect him.

Jason Mattera, a Talk Radio Network investigation was accosted by Michael Bloomberg’s  armed security force  when he asked the mayor: “Why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?  Look at the team of security you’ve got.  And you’re an advocate for gun control?”

The mainstream drive-by  media have been long aware that several antigun proponents are carrying concealed firearms  but have failed to ‘expose’ this hypocrisy.

Not only does anti-gun  Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY  carry a handgun, the New York City Police Department also provides armed escorts.  In fact, the Government Accounting Office — the investigative arm of the US Congress — slammed Schumer’s use of police resources for personal protection.   It’s clear that Schumer believes he’s special.   Schumer is more than willing to ban  private citizens’ ownership of firearms while he enjoys layers of  armed protection.

Senator Diane Feinstein, D-CA,  also possesses something more rare than a conservative  in San Francisco – an unrestricted concealed weapons permit. Apparently without shame, she participated in a citywide gun turn-in program that was intended to create some kind of statue from the donated guns that were to be melted down.   One of her police body guards let it slip that she contributed a cheap model for the meltdown, while retaining her .357 magnum revolver for her own personal self-defense.

Well-known Washington-based columnist, Carl Rowan, often wrote about the ills of firearms ownership, until,  that is, he shot and wounded a teenager who trespassed on his property.   The white teenager  claimed he only wanted to try Rowan’s swimming pool.  Rowan, an African-American, retaliated with deadly force using a firearm – that’s when the news came out that Carl Rowan, gun-control advocate, actually possessed a license to own firearms.

Rosie O’Donnell, who once ran roughshod over conservative actor Tom Selleck because of his stance supporting the Second Amendment has 3 armed bodyguards to protect her, her significant “other” and her children, which is something the vast majority of honest law-abiding Americans could never afford

Chicago with some of the strictest gun laws in the country has its share of hypocrites as well.   State Senator Donne Trotter  was recently pinched when he got caught trying to board a plane with a hidden handgun.   Chicago City Council members are legally allowed to carry concealed weapons.   Democratic Governor Pat Quinn is never without his entourage of armed guards as is Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Isn’t it comforting to know all these Liberals – these  self-appointed “guardians”  who think they know what’s best for everyone, including those living in impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhoods, are looking out for the peasants?


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