To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

Brian Lilley gives an important warning to his American friends: registration of firearms will lead to the confiscation of firearms.

Here is proof of what will happen if they set up a national gun registry.Confiscation is guaranteed, that is their goal.If this happens we are so screwed.


The final step of Nazi control in Austria was registration and confiscation of guns. (Fairly Civil)

Ann Coulter was on with Sean Hannity recently to warn gun owners what lies ahead if Democrats have their way on gun control legislation. Ann made this very important point,
“Everything they’re telling you about what they could do about guns is a lie… For some reason Wayne LaPierre is not making this point so you’ll have to hear it from me. Universal background checks means universal registration. Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. That’s how it goes in history. Do not fall for universal background checks.”
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