Fight Fire WITH FIRE!

The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

It is a well-known fact amongst pugilists and street thugs that the only way you will defeat an opponent with a doily is if the doily is dipped in poison and ground up in their food.  Yet, every time we turn around, there the Republicans are with doilies in hand crying foul just before and immediately after they are run over by the opposition.

Until we understand that guerrilla fighting is not a country club sport and that overcoming the opposition is neither for the faint of heart nor the genteel, we will sit around sucking our thumbs, and looking for the liberal truck that just ran over us.

War is war and it is neither pretty nor intended to be.  We conservatives could take lessons from our liberal adversaries pursuant to how to conduct battle.

It is time to stop whining about what election Obama may or may not have stolen.  It is time for us to march on Washington.  It is time for us to “occupy” in shifts, if necessary, since most conservatives actually work for a living.  We need to become virulent voices of civil discontent.

We should surround Congressional buildings, daring those inside to even consider taking away our Second Amendment rights.  We could take lessons from liberals when it comes to menacingly getting our point across.  We should target any politician who doesn’t act in our interest the way liberals (and Republicans) targeted Allen West, and Rick Santorum years before him.  And we should always remember what establishment Republicans did to Herman Cain.

What I’m advocating doesn’t take a lot of money, and it isn’t illegal.  I’m not saying to stop writing and calling our representatives’ offices.  However, you and I both know that the rats we are paying to represent us have found ways to ignore our emails and phone calls.  But they cannot ignore us when they look out of their office windows and see hundreds of thousands of determined citizens carrying signs saying they must go.

It is time to fight fire with fire.  At every appearance Obama makes, he should be confronted with the kind of respect Marxist college students showed President Nixon.  Conservative cartoonists should draw the same kinds of political cartoons liberals drew of President Bush and Dr. Rice.  Billboards declaring Obama a liar and billboards of his wife saying “all this for a damn flag” should blanket the highways and avenues.

We should call Jemu Greene Fox News’ “thick-lip tar baby” until they admit to their racial double standard in ignoring her calling Tucker Carlson “a bow-tyin’ white boy.”  Fox News proudly presents her as a Fox News contributor, even though there is absolutely no doubt that they would not tolerate even the perception of insult by a white conservative male.

We should dare them to call us racist.  And when they squeal foul, we should ask them if they care how Tucker Carlson felt?  We should ask them if they care how we felt having our sensibilities insulted by their actions?  And more important we should stop watching Fox News.  Let them feel the effect of diminishing numbers.  I no longer watch Fox News: is there anyone prepared to argue that I am, in any way, less informed than I would be if I were still watching it?

Fox News Channel doesn’t give news — it gives theater, choreographed histrionics, talking points, and qubee dolls more interested in mascara and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes than delivering factual news.  And yet Fox has snookered us into believing we will be less informed without a daily ingestion of their agitprop.

Too many conservatives want to make nice-nice and be polite.  That’s okay if you’re sitting around the table playing mahjong, but we’re fighting for the future of our children and grandchildren. 

Liberals understand that they can simply ignore the true conservative warriors because sooner or later (bet on sooner) Republicans will cave, and liberals also know that they can silence the majority of conservatives by calling them names (read racist).

I say, let them call us what they want.  Names cannot hurt us.  We must take the battle to them in ways they understand.  I guarantee you that when we start to do that in sufficient numbers — we will see the tide turning in our favor.

You don’t win the war against liberals and rinos with pop corn and doilies — you win it by using their brand of guerrilla warfare against them.

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