“Pimp” instead of “Presidential”

The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

by Dan Bubalo

When Mr. Obama speaks, why is my first reaction “pimp” instead of “presidential”?

Is it the mock-black stereotype and scowl with knitted eyebrows, the pontificating pointed finger and lecturing nature and tone, the consistently raised voice with threats and ultimatums, the bold insinuation that I would have nothing without his approval and largesse, the incessant reminder that I could not survive without him, a condescending and flippant tenor combined with intimidation as a pale substitute for leadership?

Yes, that pretty much sums it up.  Why not just get out a coat hanger and beat us senseless, give us another shot of heroin when we awake, and start the process all over again, for that is the modus operandi .   He has misappropriated the prestige, stature and responsibilities of a hallowed office and has bastardized it to such a degree that his tentacle reach and wrath have now touched the likes of Bob Woodward and Lanny Davis.  Woe unto those who deign to criticize my kingdom!

He is a humiliation.  He embarrasses himself and his party with unfathomable regularity, but most importantly he embarrasses our country, for he is the embodiment of the Peter Principle, a man so far out of his depth that he’s too far below the surface to seek oxygen and will either succumb to the Bends if he rises, or witness the desertion of the party loyalists if he doesn’t.  Regardless, even supporters are beginning to question the wisdom of going over the falls in a canoe with a radical and inflexible fool at the helm.  Certainly, there are lemmings in the party who enjoy watching him pull the sequesterian football away at the last minute ala Lucy and Charlie Brown, but the most pertinent question is who is going to pay for his petulance?  The empty pond that once teemed with fish will be the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, with assists on the goal from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The ongoing Obama gambit of hysteria in lieu of stewardship comes in the form of more contrived peril, suggesting sequestration will turn into dust everything from the military, teachers, first responders, and air traffic controllers to the man who delivers granny’s yarn.  Instead of looking to sever the umbilical cord he’s trying to reinforce it and lengthen it.  At no point does he address government waste, such as the Department of Agriculture spending $200 million to sponsor a reality show in India and promote the sale of cotton overseas, or the multi-million dollar UN grant to study pig excrement, or the $121 million the DOJ spent hosting 1832 “conferences”, much less money spent for a pedestal honoring the Grateful Dead, a project to develop a robo-squirrel, and an artistic endeavor to write poems for zoo animals.

No.  He wants more “revenue”, a disturbing and nauseating euphemism used ubiquitously to camouflage what revenue really means:  more taxes.  More taxes means more for the government and less for you no matter one’s level of income.  More taxes take away people’s discretion to spend what they’ve earned, while simultaneously vesting more power in maniacal statists intent on redistributing the spoils of your labor to those who refuse to work or are here illegally.  We’ve become prostitutes wherein Big Daddy Cool decides arbitrarily what we can keep, and the not so subtle inference is that we’ll get what we get or we won’t get anything.  Meanwhile, Congress should quit subsidizing snacks on Amtrak to the tune of $200 million per year or building fences to help Wyoming pronghorns cross highways.  Rights ceded to government, once relinquished, are nearly impossible to regain, and Mr. Obama relishes the precarious position in which he has placed his enemies, which include conservatives, Christians, and military veterans, whom his Homeland Security marionette has designated as terrorists.

An analysis would not be complete, however, without putting dunce caps on the likes of the weeping willow, John Boehner, and the man whose name will be on the first stone laid on the RINO Walk of Fame, John McCain, a man who displayed unimaginable courage by surviving Hanoi, but who clearly walked away from that torturous episode with only half his brain intact.

I won’t type quickly, John, so someone can read this to you slowly or use sign language:  You’ve never been part of the solution, which means you’re part of the problem.  You have been a participant and enabler in this destructive juggernaut called Congress by looking the other way in order to remain part of the “club”, and when Obama unilaterally released alien convicts all you could do is gurgle that you find the decision unacceptable.

Get someone to put a blanket over your legs, Senator, and wheel you to the window to watch the squirrels gather nuts with all the other people at the nursing facility.  The female governor of the state you claim to represent has more brass, tremendous mental acuity, and without equivocation serves her constituents without kowtowing to pressure.   Jan Brewer is Margaret Thatcher without formal title and refuses to capitulate to Washington while you continue to accommodate it through a combination of cowardice and desire to be accepted.  YOU are the status quo that is sucking under the country, and actively participate without conscience……or consciousness.

This lack of resolve or inability to confront Obama exacerbates this rudderless presidency, and instead of Congress acting as the appropriate counterbalance to prevent a tyrannical executive branch it keeps stoking the fire,  and to what end?  So they can appear collegial, so that the media doesn’t call the mean-spirited, so they aren’t branded racist?  Such is the timidity of a baby birds.  Criticizing Mr. Obama has nothing to do with race, but has everything to do with policy and ethics.  He parades around with a cocky, delusional, and unchecked pomp like the character Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men (You want me on that wall.  You NEED me on that wall!)  The difference is that Nicholson was more convincing and actually had gravitas.

It’s all a rabble-rousing community organizer knows.  Can we blame him?  After all it’s worked like a charm since he assumed the mantle of his imaginary throne, so why should we expect something different now?  We should be blaming ourselves for not demanding more of our elected officials and giving Republican operatives like Karl Rove the door by refusing to fund his next experiment.  Obama’s reluctance to negotiate is merely indicative of just how shallow the waters run, and since we began getting daily doses of him and the dirty leg and her seaport bar attire, too few have picked up on or been willing to openly acknowledge he is a one trick pony with a pedigree from the Chicago law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

We are only a month into his second term, and as unsettling as his actions have been to date, it’s what he’s got hidden up his sleeve that should have everyone’s worry meter on tilt.


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