Numb Nuts Biden is at it Again

This past Monday, Biden met with leaders of different faiths, Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc., to encourage each other to goad and preach to their flock that gun control is the moral thing to do.

So much for separation of church and state. That’s only illegal if it doesn’t benefit liberal plans.

Seems Biden has been meeting with law enforcement, crime victims and haters of the constitution hoping to build support for this usurping legislation on American citizens.

Pastor Michael McBride of the PICO National Network said, “There were some very powerful evangelical leaders in the room who needed to be reassured,” about whether background checks could lead to a national gun registry or whether mental health provisions would be used to create a list of individuals permanently banned from obtaining guns.

All pastors should know better than believe anything the Obama administration says because they are an administration of liars. However I am sure that the Muslims are all for stronger gun control and would love complete gun confiscation. After all, they are the religion who wants all Americans (the infidels) dead and believe  Allah will reward them for murdering us, who by the way will reward them with 72 virgins to rape, abuse and torment the hell out of for eternity.

Biden also lied telling the pastors that the NRA and others, (that would be pro-2nd Amendment patriots) were spreading misinformation about the gun control proposals dos and don’ts. So he asked the clergy to keep up the pressure and reframe the debate for their followers in moral terms.

Although Biden refused comment on the 2 1/2 hr. meeting, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Rabbinical Assembly said diverse demoninations and religious orders were represented to include; evangelical leaders Richard Cizik and Franklin Graham, and Sister Marge Clark of Network, a Catholic group.

In the above picture, shouldn’t Biden be fired and arrested for making such a violent gesture? But I guess that punishment is only for 6 and 7 yr. olds.

Breitbart contributed to this article.



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