Cows Beware: Big Brother is Watching

02Judicial Watch is reporting that the Department of Agriculture is so concerned about our health that they are funding a $19.4 million study on the effect of  climate change on cows with the aim of  developing methods that will “increase the resiliency of dairy production systems while reducing greenhouse gas emissions” and “better understand vulnerability and resilience of Southern Great Plains beef in an environment of increased climate variability.” The academic teams will also develop an agricultural education curriculum endoctrination curriculum with an “urban foods focus.”

To justify the continued waste of taxpayer money, the government has produced numerous taxpayer funded reports exposing the ills of climate change.

  • Global warming will cause an increase of mental illness and cancer.
  • Global warming will destroy the world’s food and water supply.
  • Global warming will destroy the D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure.  Wow, if it were only true!
  • Global warming is a threat to national security because it will spread disease among people and animals.
  • Global warming is  destroying infrastructure, crops and shorelines.
  • Several members of our beloved Congress sponsored a “resolution” several days ago asserting that climate change will drive millions of poor women into prostitution.

There is no global warming – there is only the weather, a few rich elite who are getting even more wealthy by pushing a scare based on falsified science, quite a few “useful” idiots who believe them,  and the United Nations who won’t be content until they rule the world, with our money!


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